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Early Morning….

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So……an early start to today’s activities…..

Little Em decided that 4:30 this morning was a good time to begin her day….I was not in agreement by any means but as she sat at my bedroom door, whining…..actually she makes a sound more like a donkey than a whine, however,…. I decided I had better get up and let her out to take care of her business since the alternative would not have been pleasant.

It takes approximately 5 minutes tops to walk downstairs, open the patio door and let Em out to do what needs to be done, come back in, get a drink and walk back upstairs to bed. Should have been no big deal right?…..wrong….. Em gets all settled back in her little bed rolls over on her back and is off to dream land. I on the other hand crawl back into bed and lay there staring at the ceiling listening to both dogs and my husband breathing….breathing is a good thing….it was that deep even breathing that meant everyone was sleeping……everyone but me. I lay there thinking things, stupid things, funny things, work things, bill paying things and so on.

My alarm clock shows the time on the ceiling so I watched the time creep forward and finally the alarm buzzed letting me know NOW it’s time to get up and start the day…yeah!! 🙂

I can’t be too upset though, because she is just so darn cute and adorable that she makes it worth losing sleep….I guess.

Little Em...looking all cute and adorable.

I love my life…..


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