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Painting Erika’s Room….finally…..

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So….finally got Erika’s room painted. We have only been here for nearly 2 years, so that’s not so bad for me.

Her room had never been painted, it still had the builders paint on it….that white, mostly primer, easily marked up paint.

Getting Erika to pick a colour was probably the biggest task. Anyone who knows her knows she struggles with making decisions, so colour picking was huge for her. She finally settled on two colours which was fine with me. Purple for one wall and green for the other three walls.

My original plan was to paint it while she was away in California for hockey back in January….that didn’t work out so well time wise…..she had time off but I was still working every day and wasn’t in a painting mood (one must be in a painting mood or there’s no point starting it).

A few weeks ago Canadian Tire had the paint on sale so we bought the gallon of green and while she was at a friends I started her room. It took me 2 days to get the 3 walls done but I was pleased with my handiwork….and more importantly I guess, so was she.

Now I still needed to get the gallon of purple paint to get the other wall done and get her room back to normal. She got tired of waiting for me so Shana told her she would buy the purple for her.

Buying this gallon of paint is a story in itself… the girls did not want to be around for…..The girls and I go to the paint department at Canadian Tire, on the Saturday of Easter weekend ,we know exactly what paint we want so we stand at the counter and……WAIT……and wait and wait and wait. I tend to get a little impatient when I am waiting for service in a store when there is no need of it. The young guy working in the paint department is happily cutting open boxes to put stock away…..he can clearly see us at the counter but makes no attempt to come and help us… I am tapping my fingers on the counter , somewhat impatiently. A customer then asks the young guy to help him find something so he walks around with him for a couple of minutes looking for the item, they find it and even though he just walked past us standing at the paint counter he just goes back to cutting open his boxes…..OK now the girls have walked away because they just saw the colour of my face change and they didn’t want to be around me as I walked over to the guy to ask for help….

I walked up to….let’s just call him Mark, since his name is unimportant…..and asked if anyone was working in the paint department. He hemmed and hawed and finally said he could call someone since he wasn’t sure how to mix paint. I let him know that would be a great idea and we went back to the counter to wait while he called someone to come help him mix the paint. FINALLY his co-worker showed up and walked him through the paint mixing, he shook it up for the 5 minutes or so that it took, handed me the gallon of paint and I had to ask him to please open it so we could see the colour. Lo and behold it was the right colour, we took it and checked out. We must have been there at least an hour just to get this gallon of paint.

So Easter Sunday afternoon, I decide I am going to get E’s room finished. I get everything all set up, open the gallon of paint and start mixing it and notice a spot of bright blue pops up to the top, I stir it more to mix this colour in and it just keeps coming back up to the top….I have to say I have never seen a tint that just won’t mix in with the rest of the paint. I decide there is no way I can use this gallon of paint because I don’t want to have a blue streak in it every so often. Erika is disappointed but she’s lived this long without so I think she can survive a little longer. Now since it was Easter Sunday of course nothing was open so the paint exchange had to wait until Monday after work.

Here we go again at the paint department only this time Chris is with me and now there are two of us getting impatient as we stand at the counter with our gallon of paint and no service. We look around for someone and guess who is working in the paint department…..Mark (or whatever his name is) and he is still cutting open what looks to be the same boxes from the other day. I tell him we need help with the gallon of paint we have, explaining what was wrong with it and he offered to shake it again. I explained that was not the problem but the blue tint would not mix in no matter how much stirring was done. His suggestion was that perhaps the person that mixed it mixed it wrong…..funny, I told him if that was the case it was him as he was the one who mixed it….he couldn’t recall that. He finally offered to call his manager, I told him that would be a great idea. I don’t know how long we waited for her to arrive but it sure seemed like a very long time. Her first suggestion was to shake it again….please just open it and start stirring it, watch what happens. She thought maybe if we didn’t touch the bottom of the can with the stir stick it would be ok….Seriously?? I may need to use the whole gallon of paint I am buying…I am paying for a whole gallon and you’re telling me only some of it is ok to use?….Great!!

They finally decide to mix us a new gallon of paint….shake, shake, shake….open it up….looks great. So now stir it please…….Imagine that…..the blue tint is popping back up to the top in this gallon too….Do you think it might be a problem with the tint?? No of course not that can’t be it. Manager…. “Want to take this one and try it then?”…..ok sure, WHY NOT? It’s exactly the same problem as the other gallon….so glad you offered me such great service and took care of that for me.

Anyway at this point I have had enough of Canadian Tire and their paint department, so I am willing to take the paint, not stir it too much and get it on the wall.

Friday night Erika had to babysit so I decided I would paint her wall and surprise her with it when she got home. I set everything up, stir the paint…there’s the blue tint…..stir some more hoping to keep it at the bottom of the can…..then get started on the wall.

After all of the hassle it actually went on pretty well. Erika was quite surprised and pleased when she got home and saw that her room was finally painted…..Now she just needs to get stuff up on her walls so it doesn’t look so bare.

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P.S. Next time I buy paint it won’t be from Canadian Tire!!


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