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Freezing at soccer……

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Why is it that Erika’s High School Soccer games are so freaking cold?

I originally had no plans on attending her game yesterday…thought I would be at work until 5pm like any other day….then my husband called and said he was going to the game, any chance I could leave work early and go too? Let’s see…did I want to ask my boss if she minded if I left early? Did I want to go stand in the freezing cold rain and watch soccer? Did I want to just stay in my nice warm office and get some work done? What to do? What to do?…..

So….I asked my boss if I could leave a bit early, (didn’t specify a time, and I’m sure she didn’t think I meant….right now), she said “Sure, no problem….” I grabbed the phone, called my husband and told him I was good to go, and I turned off my computer, turned off my light, shut my office door and I was gone.

We stopped at the house and got our winter jackets and the umbrellas because the soccer field at Erika’s school is cold even on a nice hot day. Well, not good enough, we still froze!!! Why didn’t we think to grab hats and mittens? The hand holding the umbrella is about ready to fall off 15 minutes in to the game….this is May for heaven’s sake….what’s up with this cold???

Well all I can say is I’m glad they won….if I had stood there until 6pm in the freezing cold rain to watch them lose I would have been more upset. It just took me the rest of the night to feel my fingers and toes again.

 Next time my husband asks if I can get off work early to watch Erika’s High School soccer I will be sure to check the weather and the temperature and make my decision based on that….not on my desire to watch her play.


 P.S. I’m warm now….


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