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Mothers Day……

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Mothers Day began at 12:00am…..let me just back up a bit and tell you how my Mothers Day went.

I went to bed around 11:00pm and I only stayed up that late (that is really late for me) to wait for my freshly washed comforter to finish drying so I could put it back on my bed and crawl into my comfy bed with its fresh smelling sheets and get some sleep.

Compared to my mom I am not a good mom. She says she never went to sleep until we were all in at night….I on the other hand am almost always asleep while my kids are still out at night. This night was no different, both girls were out with friends and I was sleeping. I usually don’t hear my kids when they come in because they are very quiet about it. They quietly open the front door, close it just as quietly and walk very softly to their rooms, I never hear a sound.

Well, I was awaken around 12:30am when Emma started barking her fool head off….at what? Erika was just getting home……“Goodnight E”…..“Goodnight Mom”. Well now I was awake…..laying in bed thinking about things like, what to plant in the corner by the front porch, should it be a plant or a water fall?….What about the back yard?…Should I plant some flowers around my tree again this year?…If so what kind?….what colour? ……OK stop thinking and go to sleep. I finally drifted off to sleep again around 1:30am, but one chickie was still out.

Around 2:00am Emma started barking again…what now? Shana just got home….our great protector was warning us again that someone just entered our house. “Stop barking Emma and go to sleep”. What a good girl, she layed down on her bed and went off to dreamland…..wish I could say the same for myself. I was awake….laying in bed thinking things once again, did I decide what to do with the corner by the front porch?….should I buy a plant or plant a seed?….what about the back yard?…do I want to plant a lilac bush?….maybe…..I definitely want a couple of tomato plants…..but where will I plant them so that Emma wont dig them up?….will they grow in a window box?….window boxes…that’s a good idea to put on the ledge of our living room window…..if I plant flowers in them though there will be bees and do I want to attract bees near our deck? OK enough of the planting thoughts…..go to sleep. I think I finally fell back to sleep around 3:00am, all my chickies were in now, I should be able to sleep all night.

At 3:30am Emma started barking again…. did I just hear our doorbell ring? I got out of bed, didn’t turn on a light, fumbled for my robe, shuffled my way to the door trying not to step on either dog, made my way downstairs, peeked out through a little slit in the blind at the front window and saw……no one…..nothing. What the heck?….did I or did I not hear the door bell?? My family tells me I’m crazy….no one goes around ringing door bells at 3:30am. I guess I’m  glad it was nobody, I didn’t really want to see someone at that time of the morning. Of course I was once again awake and this time annoyed. Back to bed to try to go to sleep. My husband was awake now too so I chattered away to him about all the disturbances of the night, because I do like to share my misery. I finally stopped talking so he could go back to sleep (he may have gone back to sleep even though I was still talking). Now I was just clock watching….4:00am…..4:30am…..5:00am….5:30am……finally sleep hit.

Now what was that sound?…..oh of course…..that’s Emma whining to go out….It was now 6:30am and as far as she was concerned, time to start our day……grrrrrrrr…….OK I get up and this time I didn’t go back to bed, everyone else was sleeping and I let the poochies out to do what they needed to do, fed them breakfast and sat on my couch after they ate and watched them sleep.

The rest of the day was enjoyable spending time with my girls and my husband. The girls and I all got burned sitting on our back deck. I had a nice nap and then had the traditional KFC Mothers Day dinner….no cooking or cleaning up for me.

I got these two very pretty hanging baskets and now I just have to figure out where to hang them.

My Mothers Day Flowers from Chris and Erika

My Mothers Day Plants from Chris and Erika

My Mother's Day Flowers from Chris and Erika

My Mothers Day Shoes from Shana

(she took me shopping for new shoes for work and wanted to buy me really expensive ones, but I’m what I like to refer to as frugal so I got 2 pair for less than she wanted to spend on 1 pair)

My new shoes from Shana

That’s how my mother’s day went…..little to no sleep being a very obvious reminder that I am the mom…..I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!


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  1. Now you know why your Mom (and me too, by the way) didn’t bother going to bed until everybody was in! haha! What a night you had. Seriously, though, it’s good you can usually go to bed and sleep when the kids are out. I just couldn’t. So I’d sit up and imagine everything awful that could be happening to them until I was worked up so much that when they walked in 5 minutes late I was on them like a tick on a dog!!! haha! I still don’t sleep well – even with nobody coming home! Glad you enjoyed your mom’s day – beautiful hanging plants and great shoes!!

    • Well Val, I have no trouble going to sleep, but I often have trouble staying asleep, especially on nights like that. I think maybe as you get older you’re not supposed to sleep so much so everything works against you…..that’s how it seems sometimes anyway. 🙂


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