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Dictrict 10 Track and Field….

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District 10 High School Track and Field was held on Wednesday and Thursday, May 11th and 12th.

Wednesday was a warm sunny day and Erika ran her 1500 meter race. Her run was to be shortly after 2:00 pm so I left work around 1:30pm so I would be there in time to watch her run and get some pictures of her. I told my boss I should only be gone about an hour. Well I was wrong about that. Her race didn’t get started until about 4:30pm. I have to say it was worth the wait, Erika finished in first place with a time of 5:32.73.

Coming in to the finish line….

Almost there….

crossing the finish line…..1st place 1500m

I took off right after her race and got back to work just before 5:00pm. I finished what needed to be done for the day then went to pick up Chris and Shana from their work. About 6:00pm we headed back to the track to pick Erika up. She had just finished running the 4×100 meter relay and her team finished in last place.

Thursday was not as warm and was spitting rain off and on. Erika was to run the 3000 meter followed by the 800 meter. I told Erika to call me about a half hour before her first race to give me time to leave work and show up to watch her run. She called and said it was just announced that her run would be next. I rushed away from work to get to the track and not miss her 3000 meter, part way there she called again and said the announcement was a mistake and she wouldn’t be running for a while. I was too close to turn around and go back to work so I hung around the track for the second day in a row watching kids I don’t know run races.

Erika’s 3000 meter was finally called, so I got my camera ready and took pictures of her winning her second race of the D10 Track and Field. Erika won with a time of 11:49.18. The race was very close between her and another girl right up until the last lap. The other girl thought she was already on the last lap so she sprinted past Erika across the finish line and stopped. Erika was holding up one finger and asking at the time keep table if there is still a lap to go and they said yes, keep running!! The coaches were yelling at the other girl to keep running, one lap to go but Erika was already past her and pulling away from her. Erika crossed the finish line .17 seconds ahead of the other girl.

Approaching the finish line in the 3000m

Just about there…..

1st place finish in the 3000m

Erika had a little bit of time to rest up her rubbery legs and prepare for her 800 meter race which was next. There were 14 girls running in the 800 meter. I didn’t actually expect her to do very well in this race at all especially after just finishing a 3000 meter. She sure did surprise me and maybe herself too….she finished in 3rd place and her time was 2:45.75.

Start of the 800m

3rd place finish in the 800m

Erika had a very successful two days, she ran 3 races and qualified for CWOSSA in all three events. We are so proud of her!!!

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It was definitely worth playing hookey from work both afternoons. I’m glad I could be there to watch her run.

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