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Kick Off Cup……

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What a weekend…..sunny and hot…..rainy and cold…..

The Victoria Day weekend was the Kick Off Cup for Erika’s soccer league. Crazy weather and crazy schedule.

Saturdays schedule was a 9:15am game followed by a 4:45pm game…..long day of nothing to do between games, after all we are in a little place called Strathroy.

We had to leave pretty early on Saturday morning to get there by 8:30am, and of course we had to take Emma with us because it would have been too long of a day for her to be crated while we were away. This was Emma’s first long car trip with us and she was an amazing traveller. She basically slept with Erika in the back seat all the way there and back…..just popped up every once in a while to look out the windows to see what was going on.

Erika and Emma

Emma enjoying the early morning sights

Emma just chillin’

Emma asking “are we there yet?”

Emma laughing

The girls first game was against the Eastside Kickers…..and they kicked our girls butts…..lost to them 2-0. Our girls did not play very well as a team.

Game vs East Side Kickers

Time to kill….We brought enough food and drinks with us to snack on all day so we went to the park where the next game was going to be and spent the rest of the morning and afternoon camped out behind our SUV with the back door open trying to create some shade. Not overly successful…..we all got sunburned.

Finally, time for the 4:45pm game against the Woolwich Wolfpack. Again not a great team effort….and the end result was a 1-0 loss.

So…, tired and sunburned, we pack up and head home, only to get ready for an even earlier start Sunday morning.

Up at 4:30am Sunday morning to get ready to head out for a second day of soccer. We stopped at the car wash first to get the bugs washed off the windshield so we could see through it and traumatized poor Emma who nearly jumped from the back seat into my arms in the front when the high-powered rinse water hit the truck with a huge roar. It took until we were at least halfway there before she settled down and started to relax again….poor puppy.

Emma sitting on Erika after her fright in the car wash

The girl’s game on Sunday was an 8:00am quarter-final game against the NorWest Shock…..a much better team effort in the cold and sometimes pouring rain….all girls played together and the result was a 2 – 0 win. Both goals were scored by Erika, who had an awesome game, despite being taken down near the end of the game and being carried off of the field by the coach….a bit dramatic maybe. This win moved the girls into the semi finals to be played at 11:45am….not as much time between games on Sunday.

Following the ball in….just to make sure


Pushed in after the whistle

Tangled in the net

Foot work

Holding off the “big”girl

Guarding the ball

Pushing back

Holding her own




Nice try….

Taking the ball….

….down the line….


Erika excited that she scored her second goal of the game

Erika running out of the net after her goal

Congrats on the goal

Celebrating the goal

Emma got a good soaking despite our efforts to keep the umbrella over her, so after the game we drove to the nearest Wal-Mart (for a new umbrella and dry socks to change into) and Tim Hortons for warm drinks, and then back to the field for picnic lunch in the pouring rain and wait for the game against North London Galaxy.

Poor soaking wet Emma

By the time the game began the sun game out again but it wasn’t overly hot so it was good soccer weather. The game was tied 1-1 right up until the other team scored on a penalty kick. Our girls just couldn’t find another goal to tie it up again so they lost in the semi finals and the Kick Off Cup was over for another year.

We packed up and headed home to enjoy what was left of our Sunday afternoon.

Emma sleeping on Erika’s legs on the way home

It was a great couple of days putting Emma to the test to see how well she would travel and she passed with flying colours. She barked at certain people from time to time but basically just sat around with us and ignored the commotion going on around her. Should be a good soccer season with our travelling pup.

Emma enjoying the attention of the two little girls


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