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Life’s Little Curves……..

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Here is our dilemma… money, hahaha, that’s not really the dilemma, however it does play a large part in our dilemma as we do live on a pretty shoestring budget with no room for any extras for emergencies, such as repairs…..

This weekend we have to be in Barrie (about 2 hours north of us) for a soccer tournament. Hotel is booked for Friday and Saturday nights. The question is…..How do we get there? Our truck’s brakes are bad….grinding bad….it will not make the trip to Barrie as is. It’s embarrassing to still be driving it at all with how loud the brakes are.

So….on pay day (Friday) do we take the money…..possibly $600 and try to get the brakes fixed in time to head to Barrie, or do we put that off, continue to drive around town with our brakes grinding until they just don’t work any more and we have ruined any possible chance of salvaging anything and instead take the money on Friday and rent a car to drive to Barrie for the weekend leaving us to still need the brakes fixed at some point.

Now if we had extra money put away for things like this then no problem…the easy answer would be to just
take the truck in get the brakes fixed….today…..and presto magic….no dilemma. However, as I mentioned earlier,  no money is indeed a dilemma for us.

Today I will think about this and pray about this and wait on the Lord to see what the solution will be in the end….

Stay tuned for the answer to one of life’s little curves…..

It is now Thursday June 2nd and here is the update on our dilemma….turns out Chris “knows a guy” who can fix brakes!!

While I was busy writing about our little situation, and thinking and praying about it….Chris was asking his customers if they know anyone who can replace brakes….on the cheap. Turns out one of the guys he asked said he could do it for us for the cost of the parts and a token amount for
the labour.

The original plan was to do it Wednesday night but he discovered he was missing a very important tool so he couldn’t do it until Thursday….today. The only problem with today was Erika’s soccer practice…..would the brakes be done in time to get her there?? Well I emailed her coach during the day to let him know what was going on and that she might be late or not get there at all.

I am happy to report that Erika got to her soccer practice on time, the brakes are now fixed (thank you Guy Chris knows), and….it was less than $200.00!!
Bring on the soccer tournament!!

One of life’s little curves straightened out!


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