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Wildlife Adventures……

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As I have mentioned before, I try to get up early every morning to take the pups out for a good long walk before we all head off to work and school and leave them shut in the house all day…..I can be a slacker sometimes but not this morning. At Emma’s request for relief I crawled out of bed and got my eyes open enough to take them out.

I live in a fairly “green” area of the city… know, residential mixed with forest (trees and bush) but on almost every walk I am still surprised  by the wildlife that we see . We don’t even walk on the trails, we stick to the sidewalks.

We have come across everything thing from rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, deer….with and without their babies, and despite all the recent reports of deer attacking people and dogs, I am not actually afraid of them. However……the one critter that can stop me in my tracks and throw me into a complete state of utter indecisiveness is the one I saw this morning….

Pepe LePew…..Mr. Skunk!!!

Pepe LePew

If the skunk I saw was actually as cute as the cartoon character….no problem….walk right past. However that was so not the case. The skunk we were going to be up against should he decide to head our way was more like this guy…..not even a little bit cute.

The Real Mr. Skunk!

Whenever we come across one of these guys on our walks….I have a momentary panic attack…..what do I do? Turn around and go back the other way and risk being chased down the street by Mr. Skunk?…..I’m old now, I know I can’t out run the skunk and I would look ridiculous running down the street like Phoebe Buffay from Friends (because how I look at that moment is what’s really important). You might think a little skunk with its short little legs can’t run fast….but you would be wrong. Mr. Skunk could easily run me and my pups down…..and the results from that would not be at all pleasant.

So this time I stood there frozen trying to decide what my best option was and hoped the pups wouldn’t notice it and start barking to draw  attention to us. The skunk was also a bit indecisive as to what to do as well so we waited each other out…..wooohooo the skunk started to cross the street, we might be able to carry on after all. The pups and I continued to stand perfectly still, waiting to make sure it was actually going to cross the street and not head in our direction when jogger guy came running up the other side of the street towards Mr. Skunk. I know I shouldn’t have laughed but I couldn’t help myself, the look on his face when he realized he was that close to our little friend was priceless….he immediately ran out on to the street and crossed to our side to get away from the skunk. If a car had been coming down the street at that time I am sure there would have been brakes squealing because jogger guy never even looked, just ran in fear…..picked up his pace a bit after that too. 🙂

 Anyway, after the fear and anxiety of being skunk sprayed, Mr. Skunk did run off into the bushes across the street from us, and the pups and I continued our walk towards home, keeping a close eye out for more sneaky little black and whites.

Impatience……not a Virtue?…..

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My husband told me tonight that I am a very impatient person, and he says I should have learned to be more patient earlier on in life. I won’t comment on what I think he meant by that….. 😛

I have a bad habit of not liking to wait for things….I expect things to happen right away and if they don’t I try to make them happen sooner. I want things done right now.

Take using the computer for instance… click is never good enough for me, if I want to open up a program I click  and click and click because I think it is taking too long… I have it open three times. My kids have all commented on how impatient I am when it comes to using the computer…..some co-workers have mentioned it as well.

My new wireless mouse (thank you Chelsea) has the piece that has to fit into a usb port…..I don’t always watch what I’m doing and my husband seems to think I am forcing it and am going to break it off because I am too impatient to take my time and be sure it is going in straight. I just keep pushing as if that will help.

I may drive too fast sometimes because I just want to get to my destination,…. and I hate being behind the pokey driver, they aggravate me to no end, you know the one I mean…….the Grandma out for a leisurely drive…. 🙂

When I go to the grocery store I just want to get in get what I need and get out as soon as I can, it drives me crazy to be behind a browser in the aisles. If I see a crowded aisle I will avoid it and keep going until I find one that no pokey cart pushers are in…..and the lineups at the check out annoy me greatly, I just want to scan my stuff and get home.

I have wrecked more shirts than anyone can imagine because I don’t take the time to change out of my good clothes after work or throw on an apron before starting to cook supper……and I am a sloppy cook so the results are shirts with stains for the rag-bag.

I don’t generally ask for help with things even though sometimes I should but if I want to rearrange furniture I will just go ahead and do it instead of waiting for help and I usually end up breaking something or hurting something.

When I plant flower seeds I will dig them up to see if they are starting to grow…..that’s not always good for them 🙂 but sometimes I just can’t wait until they pop through the ground.

I will overload the washing machine just to get as much laundry done as quickly as possible…..which generally results in re-doing the load (twice) because it didn’t wash properly. I’m clearly not saving myself any time at all…..or money.

When using a sharp object…..a knife… cut up vegetables or fruit I get in too big of a hurry and usually end up cutting a digit (like I did a couple of days ago cutting potato cubes for dinner).

Maybe he is right…..a little bit…..I should slow down and show a little more patience, and I might actually accomplish more…..

My Girls…..

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My girls can provide my greatest entertainment and my greatest frustration sometimes……

My Beautiful Girls

Shana is exactly 6 years, 4 months and 10 days older than Erika and sometimes the age difference is extremely noticable and sometimes they act the same age……sometimes older, sometimes younger.

I love that my girls are not just sisters but friends too. Yes Shana finds Erika annoying and yes Erika finds Shana bossy, but most of the time they just enjoy each others company.

I think the girls resemble each other but they don’t really look alike. They have some similar interests, like watching the same TV shows, listening to some of the same music and enjoy some of the same movies….but they can also be as different as night and day……

Shana has a few close friends who mean the world to her and who she would defend to the end of time….trust me when I say she is loyal to her close friends to a fault, she will argue “black is white” if it defends her friends. Even when Shana was little she had that one friend that she wanted to do everything with….let’s just call her Bobbie Jean :). When we first moved to Ontario I think Shana was lost without her friend but she found new “best friends” once she started school here. Erika has “best friends” not just one, when she was little anyone who spoke to her was her new friend. I remember when she was 5 and had been outside playing in the sandbox she came running in to tell me she made a new friend. I asked her what her new friends name was and she told me she didn’t know her name but she had talked to her…..that is all it takes to become Erika’s friend. 🙂


If you go anywhere with just Shana in the car….no problem, quiet as a mouse. If you go anywhere with just Erika in the car….no problem, quiet as a mouse. If you go anywhere with both of them in the car…..BIG PROBLEM!! Where is all the quietness gone? The two of them pick on each other constantly and share little inside jokes that no one else ever gets and they giggle and laugh and as much as it’s great that they are happy and enjoying each others company, trust me you can only take it for so long before it becomes a huge distraction to driving….that’s when we have to “ask” them to please keep it down….you get quiet for a couple of minutes and then it starts right back up again.

The dinner table with the 2 of them is another experience….my 2 slender daughters take a look at what is on each others plate and one tries to out do the other with their “fat” jokes……again, funny for a while but it comes to a point where you just need it to stop.

I know the girls get on each others nerves sometimes but they actually like spending time together. They will take a soccer ball to the park to kick around when they have nothing better to do……the rules of the game are generally decided by Shana……and she usually comes away as the winner……Erika has skills, but Shana is clever.

Shana gets annoyed with Erika when she borrows her things without permission and Erika sometimes finds it unfair that her much older sister can be bossy about things and has more freedom than she does (comes with age), but I know that each of them would always have the other ones back when the time came……sometimes I envy the relationship my girls have with each other.

My hope for my beautiful girls is that they will remain best friends throughout their adulthood and always support each other in any circumstance!

Soccer Scoring Pie…….

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Erika plays soccer in the WOYSL soccer league. They show scoring results in a pie chart…..I find it interesting to see how the “Pie” changes after each game…..

I’m going to post the results after each game and watch how the colours and sections of the pie have changed by the end of the season.

Final Game September 11, 2011

After the August 27th game

After the August 17th Game

After the August 15th game

After August 10th game

After August 3rd Game

After July 25th Game

After July 20th Game

After July 13th Game

After June 29th Game

After June 25th game

After June 22nd Game

After June 15th Game

Picky Eater……

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What to do with a picky eater….I`m talking about little Em, our pup.

We have had Emma for 9 months now and have bought more kinds of dog food for her then they even make……not possible I know but that is how it seems.

Emma will eat her food for a few meals and then just stop eating. Every time she does this we go to the pet food store and try another brand or another flavour, she eats that for a few meals and then stops again, so we try another one….we have bought additives for her food and different kinds of canned food to mix with her kibble to try to convince her to eat it. There are only some flavours of canned food she will eat. We have added peanut butter, gravy, shredded cheese, yogurt, and even honey garlic barbecue sauce to her food. It does seem that she eats as long as we have added something to her food but is that really good for her? I don’t think so but I don’t know how many different kinds of food I need to buy until we find something she will like to eat.

Cody certainly enjoys all the food changes and treats we are adding to their food (not fair to just give Emma the extras). We are used to Cody gobbling up anything and everything you put in her dish,……..not sure how to deal with a picky pup.

So the question is…..does she actually not like the food or is she just not hungry? Do we just leave her alone and assume she will eat when she wants to? Do we keep trying new foods and new additives until we find something she really likes?

``I can`t believe you think I`m a picky eater.....``


If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them…..

Fathers Day…..

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Today is Fathers Day…..a day to celebrate Dads!!

My husband is not the biological father of my four kids, but in every other way, he is their Dad and has been for the last 11 years.

In July of 2000 I packed up all of our personal belongings (what could be shipped in boxes, I sold or gave away most of our furniture), packed up my kids who were 15, 12, 8  and 5 at the time, said teary good byes to my parents, boarded a plane with crying kids,  and flew to Ontario to start a new life with the man who is today my husband and their dad.

My husband took on the responsibility of being a Dad to my kids right away, even though he had no personal experience being one, as he had no children of his own, and his dad had passed away when he was only 8 years old.

Becoming a new dad for the first time generally involves fathering an infant and maybe in the case of multiple births…..more than one infant at a time, which I am sure is difficult and tiring.  But becoming the dad of four mostly grown children who have left behind everything and everyone that they have ever known is a challenge in itself.

My kids accepted their new dad’s authority right away…..I like to take a little credit for that in teaching them to accept the authority of others…..

The kids never called Chris “Dad”, they always did and still do call him by his name when they are speaking to him, however it was always fun to hear them speaking with their friends on the phone or in person and refer to him as their dad. The first time we heard one of them say it was quite heart warming, Ryan told his friend on the phone that his dad could drop him off at his friends place. One of the first moments we knew they had accepted him as their dad.

My husband thought it was important that the kids continue playing sports, so Ryan was registered for hockey and baseball, Shana for soccer, Nick for hockey, baseball and soccer, Erika for baseball, soccer, track, cross-country and hockey for as long as they wanted to play. With 4 kids in different sports all at the same time, some days were tough trying to figure out how to get each child to the field or arena they needed to be at, especially when they all needed to be somewhere different all at the same time.  My husband always figured out a way to get it done and managed to see a bit of everyone’s game when possible. He has always been the ultimate “cheerer” for his kids no matter what sport it was, whether they were playing house league or travel sports, and he has always taken great pride in their accomplishments.

My husband was always and still is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the kids get their homework done, even if they aren’t as caring about it as he is…..late night trips to the store to get the bristol board, for a project…..running out to buy ink for the printer when something just had to be printed off for the next day, spending hours on the phone with teachers trying to come up with ways to help when they were having problems. These situations generally came with a lecture for each of them on the importance of being responsible and planning ahead, which more than likely fell on deaf ears most of the time….but he has taken his parenting responsibilities seriously and loves these children as his own.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been clashes over the years, like there are in most families where you actually parent your kids, but over the past 11 years there have been some great family times, mixed with tears, hugs and kisses. The kids may not even realize it yet but they couldn’t have been loved more by any other Dad.

Chris....proud dad of his kids.......2008

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful husband and the DAD to our 4 kids!!

One of Those Things…..

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Does anyone know someone like this?…..someone who seems to not have a single thought of their own, who copies whatever someone else does, who has to have the biggest and best of everything, and has to be included in absolutely everything? I do and I find it extremely annoying!

This person I know sees someone buy something and immediately asks, “Oh where did you get that? I’m going to go get one of those.” even though it clearly does not suit her because there is a 10+ year age difference.

Someone takes a picture of something because it’s relevant to them in some way….”Oh, I should take a picture of that too.” It doesn’t mean anything to this person, why are they taking a picture??

You are with this person to buy lunch and she asks what you are going to get. You tell her and she says she doesn’t feel like that she wants something else, you say ok you’ll meet after she gets hers, she says never mind she will just get what you are having. Please just get what you want to eat….you don’t need to eat the same thing I am having, eat whatever you want!

You and a friend order out for lunch but don’t ask her if she wants to order too because you know she has her own lunch and she heard you discussing ordering out but doesn’t say she wants to as well, so now she won’t eat with you because you didn’t include her.

She orders a donut….it has to be the biggest in the display case or the one with the most toppings. She notices the one you have looks bigger….she wants to trade you.

I really don’t understand people like this because I basically do the things I want to do, and don’t do things I don’t want to do and I don’t rely on others to make up my mind for me. Maybe it’s because I am a mom and have had to make decisions on behalf of my children, or maybe I just like what I like, and don’t like what I don’t like…..

I am sure this person probably just doesn’t know how to be happy with herself and I should have a higher tolerance for her behavior….but some days I just can’t help it, it’s one of those things I  find frustrating and it gets on my last nerve.

Today is one of those days…..