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What’s For Dinner……

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The question of the day around here is always….what’s for dinner?

We both work and get home at the same time…..exactly the same time because Chris picks me up from work and we go home together. Every night it’s the same thing, one of us will ask the other one “What do you want for dinner?” The typical response is always, “I don’t know, what do you feel like?”

It doesn’t matter which one of us asked the first question the answer is always the same from either of us. Sometimes if Shana is with us I will try to pawn it off on her asking what she would like for dinner….her answer is pretty much always the same too…“I don’t know”.

I will even ask co-workers during the day what they think we should have for dinner that night. They come up with all kinds of suggestions but we are a bit of a fussy family so their ideas don’t always fly with me, or I don’t think the rest of the family would like it even if I would.

So this has been going on for years with us. One would think by now we would have some sort of system in place where we already knew what was going to be for dinner before 5:00pm….but noooo, we just keep on doing this to ourselves. If we were smart we would grocery shop in advance like normal people do, but we don’t. We go to the grocery store every day after work and decide then what we will have for dinner that night and purchase only that and anything else we happen to be out of for the next day but no sensible grocery shopping.

On nights where we rush home to change and run right back out the door again to get one of the kids to a sport or something (only one kid to do that for now) we generally end up grabbing take out to eat on the way, but believe it or not, you can get tired of take out food. However tonight is actually going to be one of those rush home and then head back out so dinner will be late at best because we have to drop Erika and her friend off at another friend’s house for a sleep over birthday party for 6:00pm. Now we are down to just 3 people for dinner and if Shana is going out then we are down to just the 2 of us….same proble regardless of the numbers….what to have? Will I cook or will it be take out?

I am posting this before 5:00pm and have no doubt the question will be asked by one of us on the way home…….I will update you on how it goes tonight and I will let you know if we ever get organized in the future and actually shop ahead and plan a meal in advance….wish me luck….

It’s 7:30pm now and here’s what happened…..

Chris picked me up at work….I was a little late coming out… as we pulled away I began filling him in on what we had to do. We needed to get right home, pick up Erika to take her to the bank to replace her debit card (she broke hers and then lost it….another story), go get her friend to take them both to their other friends for her birthday party for 6:00pm.

No mention of dinner……

We dropped the girls off at their friends, and then……”How do you feel about fish and chips from The Harbour Restaurant?” Whoa!! That was like a decision made, with no back and forth “What do you want to have for dinner?” I was in, so fish and chips it was. No trip to the grocery store and no dinner dishes to do.  It was a great dinner.


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