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Puppies and Lilacs…….

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I try to walk my puppies for a half hour to 45 minutes every morning and evening….but I don’t always do it. Sometimes I’m just feeling too tired and lazy to drag myself out of bed for the early morning walks and by the time I get home from a game or practice of Erikas in the evenings, I just want to crawl into bed…..but this morning I made myself get up.

I refer to my dogs as puppies even though Cody is 7 years old and Emma is almost a year and a half old. But they are so cute and cuddly, puppies is what I call them.

Every morning between 5:00 and 5:30am, Emma thinks she has slept long enough and jumps on to the bed to try to wake me. She’s pretty successful, but I try to stall her off until closer to 6 am…it doesn’t always work.

This morning I got my wake up pounce from Emma at 5:06am…precisely….groan. I laid there petting her, fooling myself into thinking she just might go back to sleep….nope, she was awake and ready for her day. So at 5:45 I decided I needed to get up and take them out for a good long walk….I was feeling a little guilty because I didn’t take them walking last night after soccer practice.

Anyone who knows me very well…..(my husband and my kids for instance)…..knows I am so not a morning person. I stumble around trying to get my eyes to focus, and my feet and legs to work, and so on, and I might be a little bit grumpy, so lots of mornings I’m just not feeling the walk. This morning I really had to convince myself to get up and get moving.

I got downstairs with both pups and went to let them out the back door to de-water but had to wait….Yappy was already out there. Yappy is the dog that lives directly behind us, his name is not actually Yappy we have just dubbed him that because he yaps at everything that moves. I try not to let my pups out at the same time he is out to avoid any unnecessary yapping of dogs that early in the morning. Yappy finally went in so my puppies got to relieve themselves.

Walking the puppies in the early morning.....

I got both pups leashed up, grabbed a couple of poop bags (people do not look kindly on not picking up after your dog) and headed out the door. I was really not into this walk, but I love my puppies and knew they needed to go, so I was trudging along, not really paying any attention to them….it was early, a little chilly, I was tired and a little grumpy, and maybe a little resentful that everyone else was still in bed sleeping while I was out  there….the pups walked along really well…..they got a little excited when they saw a couple of other dogs (Cody has some issues with other dogs)…..and then….

The lilacs I was smelling on my walk....

I woke up…..ok I was already awake but now I was really awake. I had just gotten a whiff of  lilacs. There is no nicer smell than that of lilacs as far as I am concerned. They always remind me of being at my grandparents, their lilac trees were awesome. I have such great memories of being at my grandparents as a kid.

The sun coming up over the trees....

I started looking around me and thought what a beautiful sight….the sun is just coming up over the trees, there are blossoms and flowers all around me, little to no traffic, just me and my puppies out here enjoying our time together. Who cares that it’s early, who cares that I’m tired and grumpy, look around and enjoy the sights and smells.

The puppies posing for me.....

By the time I got back home I was feeling much better and ready to face the day….all because of the simple lilac bushes and my great companions.


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