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Picky Eater……

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What to do with a picky eater….I`m talking about little Em, our pup.

We have had Emma for 9 months now and have bought more kinds of dog food for her then they even make……not possible I know but that is how it seems.

Emma will eat her food for a few meals and then just stop eating. Every time she does this we go to the pet food store and try another brand or another flavour, she eats that for a few meals and then stops again, so we try another one….we have bought additives for her food and different kinds of canned food to mix with her kibble to try to convince her to eat it. There are only some flavours of canned food she will eat. We have added peanut butter, gravy, shredded cheese, yogurt, and even honey garlic barbecue sauce to her food. It does seem that she eats as long as we have added something to her food but is that really good for her? I don’t think so but I don’t know how many different kinds of food I need to buy until we find something she will like to eat.

Cody certainly enjoys all the food changes and treats we are adding to their food (not fair to just give Emma the extras). We are used to Cody gobbling up anything and everything you put in her dish,……..not sure how to deal with a picky pup.

So the question is…..does she actually not like the food or is she just not hungry? Do we just leave her alone and assume she will eat when she wants to? Do we keep trying new foods and new additives until we find something she really likes?

``I can`t believe you think I`m a picky eater.....``


If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them…..


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