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My Girls…..

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My girls can provide my greatest entertainment and my greatest frustration sometimes……

My Beautiful Girls

Shana is exactly 6 years, 4 months and 10 days older than Erika and sometimes the age difference is extremely noticable and sometimes they act the same age……sometimes older, sometimes younger.

I love that my girls are not just sisters but friends too. Yes Shana finds Erika annoying and yes Erika finds Shana bossy, but most of the time they just enjoy each others company.

I think the girls resemble each other but they don’t really look alike. They have some similar interests, like watching the same TV shows, listening to some of the same music and enjoy some of the same movies….but they can also be as different as night and day……

Shana has a few close friends who mean the world to her and who she would defend to the end of time….trust me when I say she is loyal to her close friends to a fault, she will argue “black is white” if it defends her friends. Even when Shana was little she had that one friend that she wanted to do everything with….let’s just call her Bobbie Jean :). When we first moved to Ontario I think Shana was lost without her friend but she found new “best friends” once she started school here. Erika has “best friends” not just one, when she was little anyone who spoke to her was her new friend. I remember when she was 5 and had been outside playing in the sandbox she came running in to tell me she made a new friend. I asked her what her new friends name was and she told me she didn’t know her name but she had talked to her…..that is all it takes to become Erika’s friend. šŸ™‚


If you go anywhere with just Shana in the car….no problem, quiet as a mouse. If you go anywhere with just Erika in the car….no problem, quiet as a mouse. If you go anywhere with both of them in the car…..BIG PROBLEM!! Where is all the quietness gone? The two of them pick on each other constantly and share little inside jokes that no one else ever gets and they giggle and laugh and as much as it’s great that they are happy and enjoying each others company, trust me you can only take it for so long before itĀ becomes a huge distraction to driving….that’s when we have to “ask” them to please keep it down….you get quiet for a couple of minutes and then it starts right back up again.

The dinner table with the 2 of them is another experience….my 2 slender daughters take a look at what is on each others plate and one tries to out do the other with their “fat” jokes……again, funny forĀ a while but it comes to a point where you just need it to stop.

I know the girls get on each others nerves sometimes but they actually like spending time together. They will take a soccer ball to the park to kick around when they have nothing better to do……the rules of the game are generally decided by Shana……and she usually comes away as the winner……Erika has skills, but Shana is clever.

Shana gets annoyed with Erika when she borrows her things without permission and Erika sometimes finds it unfair that her much olderĀ sister can be bossy about things and has more freedom than she does (comes with age), but I know that each of them would always have the other ones back when the time came……sometimes I envy the relationship my girls have with each other.

My hope for my beautiful girls is that they will remain best friends throughout their adulthood and always support each other in any circumstance!


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