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Impatience……not a Virtue?…..

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My husband told me tonight that I am a very impatient person, and he says I should have learned to be more patient earlier on in life. I won’t comment on what I think he meant by that….. 😛

I have a bad habit of not liking to wait for things….I expect things to happen right away and if they don’t I try to make them happen sooner. I want things done right now.

Take using the computer for instance… click is never good enough for me, if I want to open up a program I click  and click and click because I think it is taking too long… I have it open three times. My kids have all commented on how impatient I am when it comes to using the computer…..some co-workers have mentioned it as well.

My new wireless mouse (thank you Chelsea) has the piece that has to fit into a usb port…..I don’t always watch what I’m doing and my husband seems to think I am forcing it and am going to break it off because I am too impatient to take my time and be sure it is going in straight. I just keep pushing as if that will help.

I may drive too fast sometimes because I just want to get to my destination,…. and I hate being behind the pokey driver, they aggravate me to no end, you know the one I mean…….the Grandma out for a leisurely drive…. 🙂

When I go to the grocery store I just want to get in get what I need and get out as soon as I can, it drives me crazy to be behind a browser in the aisles. If I see a crowded aisle I will avoid it and keep going until I find one that no pokey cart pushers are in…..and the lineups at the check out annoy me greatly, I just want to scan my stuff and get home.

I have wrecked more shirts than anyone can imagine because I don’t take the time to change out of my good clothes after work or throw on an apron before starting to cook supper……and I am a sloppy cook so the results are shirts with stains for the rag-bag.

I don’t generally ask for help with things even though sometimes I should but if I want to rearrange furniture I will just go ahead and do it instead of waiting for help and I usually end up breaking something or hurting something.

When I plant flower seeds I will dig them up to see if they are starting to grow…..that’s not always good for them 🙂 but sometimes I just can’t wait until they pop through the ground.

I will overload the washing machine just to get as much laundry done as quickly as possible…..which generally results in re-doing the load (twice) because it didn’t wash properly. I’m clearly not saving myself any time at all…..or money.

When using a sharp object…..a knife… cut up vegetables or fruit I get in too big of a hurry and usually end up cutting a digit (like I did a couple of days ago cutting potato cubes for dinner).

Maybe he is right…..a little bit…..I should slow down and show a little more patience, and I might actually accomplish more…..

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  1. Anna…Your fingers are important! Perhaps in old age, arthritis will do them in. For heavens sake, don’t do them in with a Knife! See


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