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As I have mentioned before, I try to get up early every morning to take the pups out for a good long walk before we all head off to work and school and leave them shut in the house all day…..I can be a slacker sometimes but not this morning. At Emma’s request for relief I crawled out of bed and got my eyes open enough to take them out.

I live in a fairly “green” area of the city… know, residential mixed with forest (trees and bush) but on almost every walk I am still surprised  by the wildlife that we see . We don’t even walk on the trails, we stick to the sidewalks.

We have come across everything thing from rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, deer….with and without their babies, and despite all the recent reports of deer attacking people and dogs, I am not actually afraid of them. However……the one critter that can stop me in my tracks and throw me into a complete state of utter indecisiveness is the one I saw this morning….

Pepe LePew…..Mr. Skunk!!!

Pepe LePew

If the skunk I saw was actually as cute as the cartoon character….no problem….walk right past. However that was so not the case. The skunk we were going to be up against should he decide to head our way was more like this guy…..not even a little bit cute.

The Real Mr. Skunk!

Whenever we come across one of these guys on our walks….I have a momentary panic attack…..what do I do? Turn around and go back the other way and risk being chased down the street by Mr. Skunk?…..I’m old now, I know I can’t out run the skunk and I would look ridiculous running down the street like Phoebe Buffay from Friends (because how I look at that moment is what’s really important). You might think a little skunk with its short little legs can’t run fast….but you would be wrong. Mr. Skunk could easily run me and my pups down…..and the results from that would not be at all pleasant.

So this time I stood there frozen trying to decide what my best option was and hoped the pups wouldn’t notice it and start barking to draw  attention to us. The skunk was also a bit indecisive as to what to do as well so we waited each other out…..wooohooo the skunk started to cross the street, we might be able to carry on after all. The pups and I continued to stand perfectly still, waiting to make sure it was actually going to cross the street and not head in our direction when jogger guy came running up the other side of the street towards Mr. Skunk. I know I shouldn’t have laughed but I couldn’t help myself, the look on his face when he realized he was that close to our little friend was priceless….he immediately ran out on to the street and crossed to our side to get away from the skunk. If a car had been coming down the street at that time I am sure there would have been brakes squealing because jogger guy never even looked, just ran in fear…..picked up his pace a bit after that too. 🙂

 Anyway, after the fear and anxiety of being skunk sprayed, Mr. Skunk did run off into the bushes across the street from us, and the pups and I continued our walk towards home, keeping a close eye out for more sneaky little black and whites.


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