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When It’s Hot Out……

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We do not have a pool!!……The next best thing for Erika when it’s 35 degrees outside  is to try to con a friend into inviting her over for a swim ……

You can’t fault her for trying……..she “texted” everyone she could think of this afternoon to no avail……then she remembered that the townhouse complex her brother Ryan and his girlfriend Whitney live in has a pool. Time to “text” the big brother and see what he’s doing. I think she was a little disappointed when she found out he was working and wouldn’t be available until 6:00 pm.

I have to say it was still “hot” out after dinner, and according to the kids, the pool was very refreshing. They spent a couple of hours diving, swimming and horsing around to get cooled off………

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……..and that’s what you do when it’s hot out!!! 🙂

P.S. Ryan and Whitney should prepare themselves for more company than they may have expected this summer if these temps keep up.

Our Little Fur Ball……..

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It is now August……or almost August…….so why is Emma shedding so badly now??

We have a dark brown carpet in our living room but you wouldn’t know it. Emma’s shedding is so bad that every day it goes from brown to white…….we vacuum and within minutes we need to vacuum again!!

This evening I thought I’d take Emma out to the deck and give her a thorough brushing…….Emma does not enjoy getting brushed but I gave her no choice…..we needed to get rid of some of her excess fur! She eventually gave in and was quite cooperative.

The pictures below are from a few minutes of brushing…….

Not so sure about the brushing.......

Almost enjoying the brushing......

The fur pile after just a few minutes......

There is much more work to be done……I hope she still has a little fur left when I’m finished with her!!

P.S. If you have dog allergies I wouldn’t recommend a visit to our house any time soon….. 🙂

Change much?……….

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I was browsing through some of my pictures and came across these two of my mom and dad. I think these might be my all time favourite pictures of them……

The first picture was taken on their Wedding Day in 1958, and the second was taken at the Toronto Airport after a visit with me and my family a couple of years ago.

My parent

My Parents in the Toronto Airport.....waiting for their flight back to N.B. 🙂

My parents will be celebrating 53 years of marriage on August 16th….big round of applause for that!!! I must say the most remarkable thing about my parents marriage…..(as a kid growing up)… that I never heard them fight or argue….it always just seemed that they were happy with each other and worked together on everything.

I can remember going to my friend’s homes as a kid and their parents would sometimes get into a little argument over something or other and I was always afraid that they were going to get divorced because they were “fighting”……it never occurred to me that parents sometimes disagree on things because the example I had at home was of complete and total harmony between the mom and dad. I am sure they must have had their disagreements, but if they did they never had them where I could hear it.

I appreciate the example that my parents set for me and try to follow it in my own marriage but I will admit that from time to time, although seldom… husband and I do have our own little disagreements. (I’m generally right though, it just takes him a while sometimes to see that.)  🙂

As you can see in the two pictures of my parents, which were taken 50 years apart, they are both still looking as happy as they did on the day they were married!! Apart from a few pounds, a couple of wrinkles here and there, some gray hair, maybe a little balding, 4 kids and 10 grandkids later……nothing has really changed!!

I LOVE my MOM and DAD!!

My Mom….

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My Mom…..

A Little Bit of Pride……..

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No one has scored a ton of goals yet this season……but yes I am a little proud of this……

Top 10 Goal Scorers in the far.......


Soccer Scoring Pie…….

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Soccer Scoring Pie……..  Updated……

Change of plan……

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We were originally to make a trip to Windsor for Erika’s soccer game today, but due to unfortunate circumstances…..a parent from the other team passed away……the game has been postponed to a later date.

A trip to Windsor for a 4:00 pm game is an all day event. It is a 3 hour drive and players need to be at the field about 45 minutes prior to kick off time. That means we would have to leave by noon at the latest, the game would have lasted until about 5:30 pm or 5:45 pm and by the time Erika got off the field and ready to leave, it would be at least 6:00 pm and the 3 hour drive back home would mean arriving home by 9:00 pm at the earliest……a long day for sure.

So no game means about 9 hours of day to fill in some other way. Don’t get me wrong…..I have lots of things to do on a Saturday but most of them involve housework, and that’s no way to spend my first Saturday off in 3 weeks. We had a much better idea……let’s go see a movie!!

First things first……a leisurely breakfast at Angels Diner……a Saturday morning ritual for us anyway……..followed by…….Captain America!!

Yes….I do watch Super Hero movies with my husband! 🙂

I have to honestly say I didn’t know who “Captain America” was so I had absolutely no preconceived notions about the character, or what the movie might be about. We picked the 12:10pm movie, assuming it wouldn’t be too busy, and we were right, the theatre was mostly empty. Even though we had just finished eating breakfast we still had to get popcorn…..what’s a movie without popcorn? I have to say I did enjoy the movie, and more importantly…..the air-conditioning……sitting in the cool theatre for 2 hours sure beats standing at a soccer field in 30 degree weather for two hours!!!

I gave the movie a thumbs up!!!

After the movie Erika wanted us to take her to her friends soccer game…..if she wasn’t playing I guess she still needed to get her soccer fix……actually she was far more interested in watching “the goalie” then she was in watching the game. 🙂

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing, watching a John Wayne movie (and doing laundry)…….sure beats 6 hours sitting in the car on the road to and from Windsor. I don’t mind the change of plan today….just sorry for the circumstances that caused it.