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Canada Day Weekend….

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Canada Day weekend……a weekend of ups and downs…..

Happy Canada Day

Friday morning…..up and at em to head out to Ajax for Erika’s first game of the Robbie International Soccer Tournament….apparently the World’s Largest International Soccer Tournament.

It was a tough weekend for the girls since they were playing with just 11 players and the temperature was hovering around the high 20’s low 30’s.

The girls first game was at 11:30 against the Wexford Fury, but it was a disappointing game because our girls clearly out played them for the better part of the game, despite having no subs, but then gave up a bad goal resulting in a 1-0 loss. After the game we left the field and headed to Whitby to check in to our hotel. We were fortunate because it was still a couple of hours before check in time and they were gracious enough to allow us to check in anyway. This gave the girls an opportunity to have a bit of a rest in comfort and air conditioning before their next game at 4:30pm….and the parents too….being a spectator can be hot tiring work!

After a bit of a rest it was back to the field for game 2 vs. West Ottawa Warriors….it was even hotter now and still no subs. The girls were determined to have a better showing this time and the did….a 1-0 win over Ottawa, and the goal scored by Mikayla. The girls left the field a little happier with this result….and the parents did too! 🙂

Game vs West Ottawa Warriors

Game vs West Ottawa Warriors

Back to the hotel for showers and then out to Jack Astors for “Team Dinner”. Team dinners are great for having everyone together but having 30 – 50 people show up at a restaurant expecting to get served all at once can sometimes result in total chaos for wait staff, cold food for guests, and waiting forever to get served. However, this team dinner went off without a hitch….at least I didn’t hear of any mishaps…..The staff at this restaurant was excellent….and actually seemed happy and pleasant too, unlike many other Team Dinners where the staff just looks grumpy!

After dinner the girls just hung out together in one of the rooms, and then went to bed to get a good night’s sleep for Saturday’s games.

Since I had to work Saturday night to cover shifts we had made a decision the night before to only stay Friday night and drive back Sunday morning if they made it to the finals, so we checked out of the hotel Saturday morning before their game not knowing if we would be coming back on Sunday.

First game Saturday morning was against Bonivital Flames…a team from Winnipeg. While the girls were discussing where this team was from I discovered that our schools are letting our kids down in teaching them Geography…..where is Winnipeg located?….yes, that’s right….Winnipeg is in Alberta, wait….what Province is beside Ontario? I think it’s Alberta……are Alberta and Manitoba beside each other?…..*shaking my head*….so very sad 😦 . Please teach our children Canadian geography!!

Holding it at the line

Ready for a Header!!

Proof that she closes her eyes when she heads the ball 🙂

Despite the girls lack of geographical knowledge, they managed to put this Winnipeg team out of the running by beating them 2-0, Dana and Erika scored the 2 goals. This win moved them in to the Semi Finals vs. the Cambridge United U15 Girls team…..both teams would want to win this game for sure!! Against the heat, and lack of subs the girls managed to beat the younger Cambridge Team by a 1-0 score, Kayla scored the lone goal.

Cambridge U16 vs Cambridge U15

Game vs Cambridge

Right after that game we had to get on the road for home as quickly as we could so I could be to work for 5pm, so we left Ajax and headed to Guelph….and….the truck started acting up….go figure, long weekend, have to be somewhere and you get car troubles….that is our luck!!

We made it home ok and I got to work on time but now we had to try to figure out what we were going to do Sunday morning because we didn’t want to take a chance on our truck breaking down completely on the way to Scarborough (where the finals were played). We called our trusty little car rental place and found out that they were open from 8:30am – 10:00am on Sunday morning so we got up early, got a car rented, and headed for the final game of the tournament.

The Championship game was scheduled for 12:00 noon and it felt even hotter than the 2 days before…..everyone was already burned to a crisp from the previous games out in the hot sun….at least for this game the girls had one sub….thank you Jenna for getting back from vacation!!

Chillin`before the final game

The girls were pretty excited for this game….it was being played in a Stadium where they announced the players names at the beginning of the game and every time you were subbed or scored a goal. Their opponents were a team from Calgary….yes girls, that would be Calgary Manitoba….no, not really…..*shame*…..

The teams together for their names announced and the National Anthem before the game.

The Score board....wrong score.....should be 2-0

The girls played their hearts out in the finals and it paid off for them….they beat the NSD Saints 2-0….Erika and Aubrey scored the goals. Our girls should be very proud of themselves for what they accomplished this weekend!!

Captains Erika and Meghan with the Gold Cup

The Champs of The Robbie International Tournament!!

The Medal

The Medal

It was a successful weekend but at the same time a frustrating weekend for me due to having to return home to work in the middle of a tournament, and having car troubles….however such is life, and I have learned over the years to take the good with the bad… generally balances out in the end!!! 🙂

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