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Red is the new Green…..Dodge is the new Mazda…..

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We got it!!!!

You may remember that I mentioned having car troubles last weekend on our way home from the Robbie Soccer Tournament and we had to rent a car on Sunday in order to make it back to Scarborough for the Championship game….but I also said….”It was a successful weekend but at the same time a frustrating weekend for me due to having to return home to work in the middle of a tournament, and having car troubles….however such is life, and I have learned over the years to take the good with the bad… generally balances out in the end!!! :)

We don’t actually know what is broken on our Mazda….other than there is a hole in the exhaust somewhere, and it is getting louder and louder everyday…..and it developed a problem with the transmission on the weekend… doesn’t work so good…..left hand turns….scarey…..

On Monday morning we made an appointment to get it looked at and the earliest they would be able to get us in was on Tuesday…..we were hoping against hope that it wouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg, because we have no spare limbs right now!!

In the mean time we were checking out used car lots to see what kind of deals they might have……we were actually hoping to hold off until the fall to find another vehicle because our current loan would be paid off by then, but sometimes circumstances that are beyond your control cause you to have to re-think your plans.

We found 2 cars we liked at 2 different dealers….a Mazda 3 and a Dodge Caliber. We got in touch with both dealers and the one company bent over backwards to give us the best deal possible…the other company just left us a few messages and were not overly helpful when we called back so we went with “dealer number 1”. I will definitely recommend this guy to anyone who is looking to buy a used car, I have never had a better experience making such a purchase. We talked to him on Monday…..told him the situation we were in and what we needed and we drove our “new” car off their lot on Wednesday evening!! We came away with a payment that is less than what we were already paying and for a shorter term with extra warranty to boot. 🙂

We did cancel our appointment at the garage for the Mazda since we weren’t going to be needing it anymore. Our Mazda didn’t owe us anything in the end….we drove it all over this province for 6 years, from one sporting event to another, and it never let us down….now it just needed to rest. 😦

Farewell Mazda Tribute….Hello Dodge Caliber!!

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So as I said earlier…. I take the good with the bad and things generally balance out in the end…..usually in ways I’m not even expecting…..


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