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Cody…..then and now…..

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We got Cody in 2004 when she was just a couple of months old…..We were looking for a second pup as a companion to our Border Collie / Newfoundland mix Grizzly…..Grizzly was getting on in age and we didn’t want to “replace” him so we thought it would be a better idea to get another pup while he was still healthy.

We called the pet store in Cambridge to see what they had for puppies and they said they had some “Splashed Labs” for sale. I had no idea what a “Splashed Lab” was and the pet store girl tried to explain it to me over the phone but I couldn’t quite picture it, so the girls and Chris and I hopped in to the van and headed off to check out the puppies. If you ever go to a pet store to “look” at the puppies, be prepared to take one home with you……that’s what happened to us. 🙂

We got to the pet store and wandered over to where the puppies were. There were 3 “Splashed Labs” in the pen, two were quite small and plain black…..not that there’s anything wrong with that…. The one we were interested in was the bigger one with the brown markings on her legs and chest, her sisters were crawling all over each other and fighting like puppies do but the “marked” puppy just wandered over to us and sat down. Other people were looking at the puppies too and they were making comments about how the markings ruined her looks…..What?….She was beautiful…..what was wrong with these people? Just because she wasn’t perfect didn’t mean she wasn’t pretty. We just needed to get her out of there before anyone else insulted her…..Within the hour we walked back out of the pet store with our new addition to the family……Cody!!

Anyone who knows me and knows where I am from can figure out where her name came from…..that’s right…..she was named after my home! 🙂

Most of the time Cody thinks she’s a people and likes to sit in the furniture just like we do…….as in these 2 pictures:

Cody.....4 months old.....chillin' in her chair.....

Cody.....4 years old......chillin' in her chair.....

Cody is now 7 years old and getting her that day was one of the best decisions we ever made……she has eaten our furniture, chewed through entire phone books, been a houdini when we tried blocking her in the kitchen while we were at work, eaten shoes and boots (mostly mine), and has greeted us at the door after work everyday without fail. One couldn’t ask for a better friend!

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