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Tonight Chris and Erika and I were sitting on the front porch with the puppies, when Erika reminded me of the visitors we had in our back yard last summer…….baby bunnies!! I guess maybe they should be called “squatters”, visitors are generally wanted guests…..

I can’t believe I had forgotten all about them until now, considering how much time I spent with them……the kids believe I spent more time looking at the bunnies and taking their picture then I ever did of them, which is totally not true…….I take way too many pictures of the kids too!

Last summer Erika and I were in the back yard hosing off the pups food tray and we could hear this squeaking noise……We couldn’t really tell where it was coming from, I thought it was a little kid walking down the street with those squeaky shoes on…..the ones Moms buy so they can hear where their toddlers are running off to. We honestly didn’t think anything more about it…….until later that night……

Our back yard is really dark and Cody is really black so it is really hard to see her out there without a flashlight when she goes out for her final pee before bed. We generally just let her out and wait for her to come back to the door on her own when she is ready. This night she didn’t come back right away, so I went out to the deck to try to see what was taking her so long………I could just make out her form in the yard and could tell she was sniffing around at something, so I started calling her to come inside……..she wasn’t listening to me so I had to get Chris to yell for her.

Here we were, outside in the dark, yelling for her to come inside…….and she listened to Chris…….proud as anything she came trotting up to the house with something in her mouth…….. “squeak, squeak, squeak”……….”WHAT HAS SHE GOT IN HER MOUTH?? OH NO!!……..I THINK THAT’S A BABY BUNNY!!!!” Chris and I were yelling at her to drop it, which she did…….and then she promptly ran inside the house as if nothing had ever happened. I don’t believe she was trying to hurt the bunny, just wanted to bring it to us as a  gift. Very thoughtful of her!

Well we couldn’t find a flashlight to help us see where she dropped it, so we decided that in the morning we would dispose of the poor baby we assumed was either already dead or would be by then.

The next morning I went outside expecting to find a deceased bunny, but instead found the little newborn, naked and shivering in the cold damp grass. I picked him up carefully and was wondering what to do with it when I heard more squeaking…….I discovered a hole in our backyard that we had thought Cody had dug, was now filled with the little guys siblings. It seemed it wasn’t Cody digging after all. Mama rabbit had been digging the hole for her babies. I placed the little guy back in the hole with his family and covered them up with the grass and fur that Mama had covered them with and made it my mission to check on them everyday after that until they could hop away and live on their own. A mission that lasted for about 4 weeks…..a good part of the summer……….Cody was also not allowed in the back yard until they were gone, we didn’t need any more “incidents”……poor puppy!!

The kids are right, I did take a “few” pictures and videos of the bunnies, they were just so darn cute……..but I DO NOT have any of them framed.

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P.S. I really do love my kids more than the bunnies…… 🙂

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  1. they are some cute pic – i think suitable for framing!


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