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Our Little Fur Ball……..

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It is now August……or almost August…….so why is Emma shedding so badly now??

We have a dark brown carpet in our living room but you wouldn’t know it. Emma’s shedding is so bad that every day it goes from brown to white…….we vacuum and within minutes we need to vacuum again!!

This evening I thought I’d take Emma out to the deck and give her a thorough brushing…….Emma does not enjoy getting brushed but I gave her no choice…..we needed to get rid of some of her excess fur! She eventually gave in and was quite cooperative.

The pictures below are from a few minutes of brushing…….

Not so sure about the brushing.......

Almost enjoying the brushing......

The fur pile after just a few minutes......

There is much more work to be done……I hope she still has a little fur left when I’m finished with her!!

P.S. If you have dog allergies I wouldn’t recommend a visit to our house any time soon….. 🙂


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