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Shana’s Baby……

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Didn’t mean to scare anyone with the title…….it’s a car 🙂
Shana has been looking for her first car for a very long time now…..for one reason or another her hunt has not been successful……until now! 🙂

Shana's New Baby......(picture taken off the car dealers website)

This search has been a long one, and sometimes a very frustrating one…..not just for her……  😛  In the end she got two deals to choose between, a Hyundai Elantra at one dealer and this Pontiac G5 at another. Overall she got a better deal on the Pontiac so she obviously went with that one.

Getting ready to show off the baby

Today, she is the proud owner of  her baby, who for the time being remains nameless…. (Shana gives everything a name but said she hasn’t bonded with her car yet….we believe it to be a girl)……

Showing off her registration

 She is a happy and excited girl right now!!……

Happy and Excited!!

Enough said….. 🙂


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  1. Elizabeth Hughes

    Congratulations !! Wheels!! Freedom to drive!! Way to go


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