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Down Home Feeling……

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My husband and I have this tradition of going to our favourite breakfast place on Saturday mornings…..Angel’s Diner. 🙂

We have been doing this for sometime now just to have a break away from the kids and dogs…….we get up early, take the dogs out, feed them, get showered and dressed and then sneak out of the house while the kids are still sleeping (we do feel obligated to take them if they are already up so the sneaking out is important)……it is a small thing, but it gives us that time we need to discuss all sorts of things on our minds, come to decisions on things that may be bothering us, or plans that need to be worked out, and just have some us time without the regular interruptions at home, all while enjoying a great meal.

Not exactly what we would get......but close.....yum!

Angel’s Diner is crazy busy for breakfast, especially on the weekends, but they serve breakfast all day so it doesn’t really matter what time you get there for it. During the school year they generally have line ups out the door due to the number of University students that have crawled out of bed and made their way to breakfast…..the outside wait can get a little chilly in the winter……but it’s worth it.

Erika has a friend who works at Angel’s who always seems a bit disappointed that we never have her with us……as we have explained to her, we spend all of our time with Erika taking her to and from hockey, soccer, cross-country, track and field, school events, and to her friends for visits…..this is our time away from her. Erika and her friend have tried to come up with clever ways to get Erika to breakfast with us……their most recent plan is for Erika to spend the night in the car and we will just hop in and drive away without knowing she is there and …… “tada!!”  …… breakfast at Angel’s for Erika! Well first of all we would notice that she is not in her bed on Friday night, second we would notice her sleeping in the car, and third……which is what Erika figures would most likely happen if she tried it…….we would drive there with her in the car but she would sleep right through breakfast…….keep trying girls!! 🙂

Last week my sister-in-law and my nieces visited us for a couple of days and we thought “lunch” at Angel’s would be a good idea. The most noticeable difference between Saturday morning and Tuesday afternoon at Angel’s is…….it’s not at all busy, in fact it’s extremely quiet. The five of us got seated and the waitress came over and took our order, then looked at me and said laughingly,…….  “It’s not Saturday you know.” I was a little surprised that she recognized me…….even though she is the waitress I gave my stuffing recipe to for Thanksgiving dinner……., but she’s not always our waitress and I was with people she wouldn’t normally see me with.

This past Saturday morning Chris and I got up for our usual breakfast date and once again enjoyed another great Angel’s breakfast……alone. :). As we were paying for our meal, the waitress we had on Tuesday was taking care of us asked me who the ladies were that were with me the other day. I told her who they were and as we were walking out of the restaurant I was thinking about the fact that she asked me that considering that she doesn’t even know who I am, so telling her they were my family wouldn’t really mean anything to her……in fact I couldn’t even tell you this lady’s name nor would she know mine.

The whole thing just made me think that is how it would have been where I grew up……the waitress would have known me (so would the manager and the owner and so on and so on) and it would have been perfectly logical for them to ask who was with us if we had out of province family visiting……I just didn’t expect it to happen here. Leads me to wonder……do we go there too often?……..or does this city really have that small down home feeling after all? 🙂

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