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Where Did The Summer Go?…..

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I can hardly believe that in just two weeks school will be back in again for another year. Erika may have trouble believing it as well since she is the one that will be going back to school. It seems like not that long ago everyone was counting down to the end of the school year…..but in fact it was nearly two months ago now! 🙂

This was a typically busy summer for us with lots of travelling to soccer……..Windsor, Sarnia, Barrie, Ajax and London (even a trip to Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York States before the season got underway), a family visit from New Brunswick which we all enjoyed immensely, and…….we even managed to take a few days off together……referred to as vacation time…..We still have some time to take but we need to figure out when we can fit it in…..We are thinking it will probably be in September before it starts getting busy at work again……We have no travel plans, just looking forward to some time off to take it easy.

The weather has been hot and humid this summer with very little rain. It made for little to no grass cutting but meant that the air conditioner was on more than usual. I am actually looking forward to fall to enjoy the cooler weather……I would rather sit around with a sweat shirt and jeans on than melt in shorts and a tank top.

Since we only have one child still in school, gearing up isn’t as bad as it used to be when there were four to get ready…..the expensive items are new uniform pieces…….however we do still have to get off our butts and go get what she needs.

The really great thing about the end of summer and back to school is……….NO MESSY HOUSE WHEN I GET HOME FROM WORK……not saying Erika is a messy kid or anything but she doesn’t always clean up her dishes etc. after lunch. During the school year we all basically leave the house at the same time in the morning and Erika doesn’t get home much before we do at the end of the day, so whatever condition the house is in when we walk out the door in the morning it generally still is when we walk back in again. The one thing I never looked forward to when they were all in school was making lunches……day in and day out…….trying to come up with non-boring lunches…….not something I enjoyed doing. Erika obviously doesn’t need me to do that for her any more so I basically “LOVE BACK TO SCHOOL”.

The end of summer marks the return to normalcy…….the Tim Hortons line is busier, school busses are back on the roads, kids are walking all over the place to get to their schools, crossing the street in front of you, the Mall becomes quieter during the day (except at lunch time)…….all the things that say “let the school year begin”.

As much as I enjoy summer, and it shocks me  how quickly it goes by, I have to admit I am looking forward to Fall and getting back to normal!! 🙂

We will see how long my enjoyment lasts once homework and projects start again……… 🙂

What about you? Do you look forward to the end of summer or do you wish for it to last longer?……I think I know what my teacher friends might say to that! 😉

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