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What a Day!!……

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Yesterday was an incredible day……. 😀

It started pretty early for a Saturday. It was 6:30 am when I decided the pups decided they had whined long enough and I needed to get out of bed and let them out. I got them both leashed up and took them for a 45 minute walk…..a really good walk where we saw no other dogs to get Cody all worked up and only a couple of people for Emma to bark at (still working on getting her to stop barking at everyone). When we got back home I fed the poochies and then relaxed for a bit before getting ready to head off to Sarnia (a two hour drive away) for soccer.

Just before noon we left for Sarnia for Erika’s second to last soccer game of the season. This season has been an up and down battle between Cambridge and Sarnia for first place…..below are the standings before they played their game against Sarnia (which would be Sarnia’s final game of the season), tied at 30 points each.

Standings before playing final game against Sarnia

A win for either team would put them in first place, however it would be Sarnia’s last opportunity to finish in first but  Cambridge still has a game left to play, so their destiny was indeed in their own hands……!

The girls were so pumped for this game……..and so were the parents……..nervous, excited, tense, hopeful…….some parents just wanted it to be over…… or lose.

Cambridge scored first……early in the game…….an awesome goal crossed by Aubrey and scored by Kayla……great teamwork!!!!.The girls battled right to the end and both teams had chances but the goalies played the ball well throughout the 90 minute game.

I have never seen a happier team of girls…….(and parents)…….in Erika’s soccer history as I did when that final whistle blew and Kayla’s goal stood as the lone goal of the game, giving Cambridge the win!!! Erika has played some exciting games in her “soccer career” but none to match this one. (I have however, seen this kind of excitement before in hockey…….when her team won Provincials after a 6 period game).

The thing is, this wasn’t their final game of the season……just the most important game of the season. A loss to this team would have meant they would have to win in their final game against Windsor on September 11th in order to finish tied for first place, then a tie breaking game would have to be played against Sarnia (likely in Sarnia again) and they would have to beat them in order to finish in first place. If they had tied this game it would have had them still tied for first place and again Erika’s team would have to win their final game in order to finish in first place, and other teams would still have a chance to finish ahead of them. By winning this game they managed to put themselves in first place and no matter what happens in their final game they will still finish with top points in the league!!! (As the standings now show).

Standings After the Sarnia Game

This was not just another game, played in the heat after a two-hour drive……this was the game of the season!! The win would move the girls from WOYSL to OYSL…’s what Erika has been striving for since she began playing Rep Soccer. The girls knew what they wanted from this game and they battled hard to achieve those results. It was by no means an easy victory but it was still a victory. They should be very proud of themselves for what they accomplished in this game and in this season. I know we are very proud of them!

(Erika will be less than impressed that I posted this first video of her)

A happy girl being congratulated by the parents!

The team cheer

Hugs and Happiness!

The Team Captains.....and Little Taya......So Happy 😀

More Hugs

Can't wipe those smiles off...... 🙂

It was an exciting and happy drive home with Erika making plans for her own self-training as she prepares to make the jump from the Western Ontario Youth Soccer League to a Level 1 team in the Ontario Youth Soccer League. Well done Cambridge United U16 Girls!!!!

When we finally got home it was well past dinner time (that would be “supper time” to some) 🙂 so we decided to go out for a celebratory dinner….Erika’s choice of restaurant, so East Side Marios it was!! (East Side’s is never our choice). Erika thought it was a perfect choice since the game they will play to finish their season will be against the “East Side Kickers” in Windsor.

The Winning Team!!

All in all a Great Day and a Great Memory!! 🙂


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