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Early Morning Smells…..

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Early morning smells should be coffee, bacon and eggs cooking, toast burning, I mean toasting…..delicious food type smells…… Nope didn’t smell any of those this morning. My early morning smells were not food related at all……. 😦

Mmmmm...great smells....

The sun did not rise until 7:00am this morning…..but I was out walking my dogs at 5:30am…..needless to say….IT’S STILL VERY DARK OUT AT THAT TIME OF MORNING……there I said it anyway. 🙂

Emma has gotten into the habit lately of thinking 5:00am is a good time to get up in the morning…..I, however, am not so fond of it. 😦

Emma wakes you like a person would….maybe not as aggressive but similar…..she will poke you with her paw over and over until she sees you have your eyes open (you open your eyes and she’s standing there staring at you…..cute but a bit creepy too). Once she has you awake she expects you to stroke her head, rub her belly, pat her, any kind of contact is fine….as long as you don’t stop. The minute you stop she grabs your hand with her paw to try to get you to start again.

So now it’s 5:00am and I’m awake lying in bed “patting the dog”. What is the point in that, I might as well get up and take her and Cody out for their morning walk……and this morning that is what we did.

I love stepping out the front door first thing in the morning, while it’s still pitch black out, (ok, I live in the city so it’s never really “pitch” black out), and getting a huge whiff of the lovely skunk aroma…..nothing more pleasing to your senses. 🙂 It always makes me wonder if one just became road kill or if there may be one lurking around every bush along the street.

I didn’t have to walk far to see our little black and white friend this morning. I always cross to the other side of the street when ever I see a skunk lingering in front of someones house. I don’t really want to run into one with the dogs (not without the dogs either), so that is what I did this morning. Well we got halfway across the street and the skunk started to cross the street too. I pull my dogs back across the street and the skunk changes it’s mind and crosses back to the same side as us. Ok skunk, enough with the games, figure out what you’re doing and do it already! We stop and wait to see what it’s going to do next and the little stink bomb starts walking towards us….great….do I cross the street again, or turn and go the other way and have it chase us down the street, or do I just say “Forget it pups….no walk this morning” and go home and back to bed? What to do, what to do?

Not a pleasant smell.....

What did we do? We stood there for a few seconds watching the skunk…the dogs see it too but haven’t barked at it yet….then it runs back to the front yard where it came from in the first place. The dogs and I quickly crossed the street again and very slowly crept up the street keeping an eye out for it to cross to our side again, and as soon as we got past the house….we booked it up the street. I don’t usually “run” my dogs in the morning but this morning we all had a bit of a run. Let’s just say they enjoyed it more than I did.

After that our walk went very well, we kept our eyes peeled for any more garbage rummaging creatures…..which are sometimes hard to notice in the shadows. There were no more skunks on this mornings walk and once we were out of smell range of that guy I noticed a much more pleasant smell. The smell of Fall!!

Early Fall it!

Fall is one of my all time favourite smells….yes Fall is a smell. 🙂 The leaves haven’t really started to change too much yet but you could definitely notice the smell of the few leaves that are already on the ground and the crisp smell of the cool days ahead. You may not know this but Fall is my favourite season…not too hot and not too cold….it’s perfect!!

So whether you are a fan of Fall or are not a fan, you have to admit a Fall smell beats a skunk smell hands down. 🙂

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