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Daily Archives: September 16, 2011

What’s a dooryard?…..

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Some things I say that make my fellow Ontarians look at me funny……..apparently it’s what gives me away as a Maritimer (not a Newfoundlander…..Newfoundland is an Atlantic Province not a Maritime Province….just saying).

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I say something is out in the door yard, but here they say the front or back yard.

It’s difficult for me to give directions to people here by telling them to go down the road or up the road because I don’t have the flow of the Saint John River to guide me.

If I’m walking and fetch-up it means I had to stop suddenly.

I say beer not beers ……is the plural of deer, deers? No it is not. (I don’t actually drink so I rarely have reason to say beer or beers but it sounds funny to me when people say they are going to drink some beers.)

I have gotten out of the habit of saying “I never heard tell of such a thing” but my mom still says it and it makes me chuckle when I hear it.

The toilet is referred to as a flush back home…..apparently saying “Don’t forget to flush the flush” just sounds silly here.

They tell me I pronounce “insurance” wrong, and when I refer to my parent’s sisters as my “Aunts” not my “Ants”…….I get the strange looks.

If you see kids in the mall during the day you might ask if they are jigging class but no one seems to know what you mean.

Having a shiveree is unheard of …… at least where I live, but maybe that’s because it’s the city and a shiveree can be a bit loud. I kinda miss shiverees but maybe no one even has them any more.

It’s a verandah back home it’s the front porch here.

Here they do not have corn boils ….they have corn roasts.

Your two main meals of the day here are lunch (noon) and dinner (5:00 ish)……not dinner (noon) and supper (5:00 ish).

The one I say that gets the weirdest looks of course is the potato scallop……apparently it’s scalloped potatoes….weird.

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To all my Maritime friends and family…..are there any phrases that you say that cause people to give you that look when you travel
outside of your home Province. Feel free to share, I would love to hear them.