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Daily Archives: September 17, 2011

Making Amends…….

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I’ve done all I can do to make amends,

But it’s clear by your actions you don’t wish to be friends.

I’ve asked for a chance to make a fresh start,

But there’s no forgiveness within your heart.


Without even trying you’ve closed your mind,

And are willing to leave a friendship behind.

I would like to think you’re not really that small

But your silence to me, indeed says it all.


I have tried to talk to break down the wall,

But you guard it so close it can’t possibly fall.

We can’t ever go back to a place we once had,

But is a brand new beginning to you really that bad?


Before you decide to just throw it away

I feel the need to have my say.

You seem to think that you’ve played no part

In the situation that tears us apart.


You have all these rules of what I can and can’t say,

But friendships can’t really work that way.

As long as you think only you can be right,

There will never be an end to this fight.


I know you believe you’ve been nothing but kind

But that’s not the case; to your part you’re blind.

You need to recognize you’re not without blame,

And should also look at yourself with some shame.


Your anger is not just directed at me,

It seems to be aimed at my whole family.

They’ve caused you no harm of which I am aware

But your big news even with them you can’t share?


Don’t be so quick to cast judgement on me,

And believe that you live completely blame free.

The things in the past you’ve accused me of,

Are the very same things that you’re now guilty of.


You said you are good and have a kind heart,

But yet you’re not willing to make a new start.

Perhaps what it was that you meant to say,

Is we can be friends but only your way.


I am not perfect, but I’m sure not alone,

Let him without sin cast the first stone.

If you can’t forgive, then your life is a lie,

But are you really prepared to just say good-bye?


I’m sorry that this is how you want it to be,

But there’s no more I can do to make you see,

By showing no willingness to try to forgive,

You’ve chosen a very sad way to live.


I pray that one day God will speak to your heart,

And when that time comes we can make a fresh start.

I wish for you and your family, the best,

And hope for the day that we can put this to rest.