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Daily Archives: September 18, 2011

8 Pounds of Butter……

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So I have been trying to drop some pounds since being told I have Sleep Apnea earlier this summer…..I like to eat so it’s not easy. 🙂

I have been getting more exercise by walking the dogs more often (they love it) and have been trying to watch what I eat and hope I eventually meet my goal.

I bought myself a scale in July so I can either depress myself with weight gain or get excited about weight loss… far I have been both. There have been many ups and downs. 🙂

Everyone says you should only weigh yourself once a week…..well I’m hopping on that thing every time I walk past it to see if a fraction of a pound has dropped off me somewhere.

As of this morning I have been consistently down 8 pounds from where I started……I didn’t really think that was so much until I put it into perspective……

I have lost 8 pounds of butter from my body….that’s huge!!! Or you could even equate it to losing as much weight as an average new born baby!!

Butter!!.....Imagine 8 of these dropping off your body!!

Yeah Me!! 🙂

Is it my Birthday?……

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What a great lazy Sunday for me….

I was awake at 5:30 am……as usual……because Emma wanted to go out…….In my head I was whining, “But it’s Sunday, I don’t want to get up and take you out!” The next thing I knew my husband was getting out of bed and taking the dogs out…..(yikes, I didn’t whine out loud did I?) Ahhhhh thank you dear husband…….and I went back to sleep……zzzzzzzzzzzz. Ok so husband and dogs did come back to bed, but I don’t know for how long. It was 8:00am when I got up. 🙂

Now that I have had a chance to sleep in I am ready for my Sunday. Slow cooker pulled pork is on the menu for dinner. I was going to take the dogs out for their walk first and then come back and get the pork into the slow cooker. My husband said he would get it started while I was out. What a great guy. I told him what he needed to do and I headed out with the dogs. It was a great hour long walk in the beautiful sunshine….not too hot or too cold out……a perfect morning. 🙂 When I got back I could already smell the meat cooking (he added a few touches of his own to it)…..mmmmmm.

I had to pick up a couple of things from the grocery store for my staff meeting tonight (that’s right Sunday evening staff meeting….I scheduled it, so I have no one to blame but myself  😦 ) so my husband and I got showered and dressed and off we went. (Yes I do walk the dogs before I shower in the morning… of the reasons I like to walk them early, when no one else is around to see me 🙂 ). We got what we needed went to Tim’s for coffee and a muffin and then came home. I spent the afternoon playing around on the computer and Chris played on the xBox. Such an exciting life we lead.

While my husband did all of the laundry today I basically played computer and napped…..that’s right……I napped…….I slept in and I napped……what a great day.

Since my meeting is right at dinner time tonight I am feeding my staff pizza……but I am holding out for the pulled pork so I am hoping to keep the meeting short and to the point so I can get home to dinner…..(keeping my fingers crossed). Because we will want to eat as soon as my meeting is over we will need to have the potatoes cooking while I’m gone so we will get the kids to turn them on to boil at the appointed time. However they are not capable of peeling them…..they probably are but we would like some potato left after they take the skins off them. So my husband peeled the potatoes and got them ready to boil later……again I did nothing 🙂

I’m sitting here now….relaxing…..and my husband announced to me that he has the last load of laundry in the dryer…….I just looked at him and said……”Is it my Birthday?” It’s not, but I’m ok with it feeling like it. 😀

My Birthday Cake from last year.....since it's not my birthday yet!

Thank You Chris for giving me the day off and letting me be lazy!!!!