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8 Pounds of Butter……

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So I have been trying to drop some pounds since being told I have Sleep Apnea earlier this summer…..I like to eat so it’s not easy. 🙂

I have been getting more exercise by walking the dogs more often (they love it) and have been trying to watch what I eat and hope I eventually meet my goal.

I bought myself a scale in July so I can either depress myself with weight gain or get excited about weight loss… far I have been both. There have been many ups and downs. 🙂

Everyone says you should only weigh yourself once a week…..well I’m hopping on that thing every time I walk past it to see if a fraction of a pound has dropped off me somewhere.

As of this morning I have been consistently down 8 pounds from where I started……I didn’t really think that was so much until I put it into perspective……

I have lost 8 pounds of butter from my body….that’s huge!!! Or you could even equate it to losing as much weight as an average new born baby!!

Butter!!.....Imagine 8 of these dropping off your body!!

Yeah Me!! 🙂


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  1. I love that you are down a good sized baby!!!! And I am with you about stepping on that scale to check the tiny measurements that go on hourly. Why do we do that? just checking our water-weight? lol. Either way, I enjoy knowing that I am not alone in getting healthy. And having ups and downs. 🙂


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