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Daily Archives: September 28, 2011

For the love of food…..

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I was listening to “talk radio” on the drive into work this morning…..because that’s what my husband likes to listen to…..and I get a kick out of some of their morning discussions as well….like this mornings little blurb on food.

They mentioned that Anderson Cooper says food is not really important to him, he eats the same meal everyday….

“I eat the same meal every day for months and months at a time,” he said calling from his office in New York. “For instance I’ve eaten Boston Market, grilled turkey with two sides of corn and a piece of cornbread for the last three or four months every day for lunch.”

…..then they had a short discussion on any eating habits they or people they know have.

Well that got me to thinking about food (it seems I think about food often so food is important to me) and eating and am I a creature of habit? Do I eat the same thing everyday, or do I like variety?

Breakfast…..During the week I usually skip it due to laziness and time restrictions in the morning before leaving the house but I will sometimes eat a banana or some other piece of fruit after I get to work. This morning I did have a banana. Breakfast on Saturdays…..Angels Diner with my husband 🙂 …..and yes I order the exact same thing every time…..2 eggs over easy, home fires, bacon, brown toast and coffee…..mmmmm. They have a huge variety on their breakfast menu but I always order the same thing. Clearly my breakfast meal is not important to me because I basically eat the same thing everyday.

Lunch……During the week, a little variety perhaps, although not recently. Recently I have been bringing a wrap for lunch everyday,( I make one for my daughters lunch…yes I make it because she says she “can’t wrap it as good as you do Mom”….yes flattery will get you everything). This morning my co-worker asked me if I brought lunch and when I told her I did she asked if I brought a wrap…..I guess I am a little predictable at lunch time right now. I have some variety at lunch when I either bring left overs from dinner the night before or I don’t make a lunch (due to laziness or lack of food in the fridge) and end up buying some sort of take out.

My lunch wrap....thats the lettuce peeking out of it.

Dinner….when we are home for dinner (or supper) during the week it’s generally meat of some kind, (pork chop, chicken breast, ground beef) with potatoes and a veggie, although every once in a while we have spaghetti with garlic bread (that doesn’t happen often enough as far as the kids are concerned). Boring and predictable but yummy. Weekend dinners are the best!! That’s where the variety comes in……slow cooked pulled pork, baked ham and scalloped potatoes (potato scallop), garlic and herb encrusted prime rib, pot roast with potatoes and carrots (and onions) roasted together, turkey with stuffing and most importantly…..gravy, meatloaf (yes meatloaf is a favourite), meatballs in “yum yum” sauce.

Every time we have one of these meals my husband always says it’s the best meal ever…..doesn’t matter which one we are having….it’s still the best. I take it as a compliment that he likes my cooking……but maybe we like it too much. 🙂 

What we don’t eat in our house is any kind of seafood….no lobster, no shrimp, no scallops or anything that crawls along the ocean floor. People wonder why I don’t eat seafood….  “You grew up on the east coast….how do you not eat seafood?”…..  “I was raised on a beef farm….that’s how.” 🙂

So is food important to me? Heck yes!!! I don’t just eat because I’m hungry……I eat because I love the taste of food!! Especially when it’s any of the above mentioned meals that we have on weekends……and because it tastes so good, I always eat way more than I need to. Those meals are why I am the size I am today….that and laziness.