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A-typical Day……

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This was a day and a half…….

The day started out like any typical Saturday but didn’t stay that way for long.

The dogs woke us early as usual but my husband got up with them and I got to stay in bed and I actually slept in until 9:00am. 🙂 So far….a good day.

We decided to get showered and dressed and go for our Angels breakfast before taking the dogs for their walk. Breakfast was delicious as usual.

After breakfast we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. We got in line with our few items and Chris asked if I could go through the check-out while he took the cart back. I did not want to alarm him so I told him it would be no problem, I would meet him at the doors…….What I didn’t tell him was I was having vision problems and lost my “straight on vision” (this has happened before). My peripheral vision was still fine at this point but it did make paying by debit card a bit more challenging, as I had to look away to see the numbers. Anyway, I managed to pay for my purchases and I headed to the doors. I didn’t see my husband anywhere so I thought I’d send him a text message to see where he was……again difficult because I couldn’t see the letters on my phone….I think I managed to type “Where r u” and hit send. (I hate not spelling out full words in text messages but that was the best I could do). I was standing at the car when he came out of the store with an additional purchase….the reason he wasn’t at the doors when I came out. We had a few more things we were planning to do before going home but I thought I’d better let him know I wasn’t doing so well and needed to go home. I broke the news to him about my vision and that I had forgotten to take my BP pill when I got up and he was not impressed……that I forgot my medication. He wanted to take me straight to the hospital but I assured him that I would be fine; I knew what it was and I just needed to go home and take a pill. It’s about a 15 minute drive to our house from Wal-Mart and my vision was getting worse during the drive……now I could see straight ahead but my peripheral vision was gone. It was like I was in the car alone….with no driver….if I wasn’t looking directly at him I couldn’t even see my husband in the driver’s seat. I was explaining to him what was going on with my vision and he told me that all I was doing was convincing him to take me to the hospital instead of home.  His argument was, just because I have had the same symptoms before and it was decided that it was an atypical migraine it did not mean it was the same thing this time and I should at least go get checked out. I convinced him that I would be fine and we should just go home.

As soon as I got home I took my BP pill and a couple of Tylenol to prepare for the headache that would most likely follow and got all snuggled in on the couch. Once I was settled in my husband went to finish the errands we didn’t get done……like find our Thanksgiving Turkey for next weekend……and a few other things.

While he was gone things weren’t going so well…..the left side of my face started going tingly and numb…..sort of like when the freezing starts coming out after you get a tooth filled. Then my fingers and hand started numbing up, just as Chris walked back in with Tom Turkey (yes we always name our turkeys Tom). Now he’s insisting I go to the hospital to get checked out…..there is no point arguing with him when he insists on taking care of me……go willingly or go by ambulance……..I went willingly.

We got to the hospital around 12:30pm, and it was remarkably quiet there. I got through triage quickly but then the wait was on. When I finally saw the Doc he checked me all over and listened to me explain my symptoms and that this has happened before, about 4 years ago. Ok ….. take a seat back in the waiting area….and wait……(He went to look up my file from the last time).  And wait is what we did. After about an hour he spoke to me again and said he wanted me to have a CT Scan ……. today ……. back to the waiting area to wait again…… After a lengthy wait (I assume we were waiting for a technician to come in since it was a Saturday), I was whisked away and got my head examined. Back to the waiting area to wait again.

While we were waiting we needed to find a way to get Erika to her soccer try-outs for 3:45pm. We weren’t sure we would get out of there in time to take her. We got a hold of our older daughter, Shana and she agreed to drive her (nice that she has her own car now). She didn’t really know where she was going but we figured Erika could direct her since she has gone to this same field twice a week to practice for the last 3 years.

Finally, after a 3 hour stay, from the time we arrived until we walked out the door, (I think they make you stay 3 hours no matter what, it’s kind of like the Tim Horton’s line, you wait the same length of time to order your coffee whether there is a line up or not.), I got to speak with the Doc again and he told me they found nothing with the CT Scan (that always troubles me when they examine your head and then tell you they found nothing…….) He is sending me for blood work, an ultra sound of the carotid artery and a trip to see the Stroke Doc, all the same things I had to do 4 years ago. The only real difference in my symptoms this time is, I never did get a headache and my mind stayed clear……no talking gibberish. (If my brother and sister-in-law read this they will probably remember the first time this happened to me nearly 23 years ago when I was definitely talking crazy talk.)

Now that I stayed in ER so long that all of my symptoms were gone we went to Erika’s soccer try-outs so Shana could leave since she had plans to go out later tonight. We gave Shana basic directions on how to get home from there (since she wasn’t familiar with the area)……. Leave the park and turn left, at the lights turn right, after two sets of lights turn left and follow that road home…..pretty simple and basic directions……unless at the first set of lights you turn left instead of right……

By the time Shana should have been home Chris sent her a text to ask her if she was home yet…….the text back from Shana said…… “I am SO lost; I think I am in Kitchener.” Oh my goodness!! She had no idea how she ended up there. Nowhere near home……..wrong direction.  We told her to stay put and left try-outs to go find her and “lead” her home. What an adventure…..trying to narrow down exactly where she was……thank goodness for cell phones, although hers was dying and she has no car charger. We finally found her and had her follow us back to the soccer field in time for the end of try-outs. I guess it was a little bit funny but not sure where she might have ended up if Chris hadn’t texted her to see if she was home yet.

We all managed to make it home safe and sound, but we will not let her live this down for a very long time, because that’s the kind of loving parents we are…… 🙂

So…….what started out as a typical Saturday with no big plans quickly became quite the adventure.

P.S. I am fine, I will have my tests done once again……they will very likely find nothing wrong and life will go on as usual. 🙂


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