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Day 1 of Vacation……

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I’m on vacation!!!!……or staycation as it is referred to if you are “staying home” on your vacation.

I say I’m on vacation but it’s really just a break from work…..we have no plans to do anything or go anywhere……I just need to get all of my vacation taken before the end of the year, and I wasn’t able to fit any in all summer, so why not take some vacation days around my favourite holiday of the year…….Thanksgiving (the food holiday).  🙂

So how did day 1 go? Not as quiet and relaxing as I had planned with my “no plans”……

By 8:30 this morning both girls were out the door to school and work……. “Bye-bye girls….enjoy your day!” Ahhhhh, peace and quiet, just my husband the dogs and ME!……and the phone….. 😦 The hospital called to tell me I have an appointment for my carotid doppler test at 1:30pm, and said they had been trying to get a hold of me since Monday. (I really need to check my phone messages more often.) However there was only one voice mail on my answering machine…..not numerous as he would have me believe.

We arrived at the hospital and the diagnostic imaging department was not too busy……as in, there was only one person standing in line ahead of me. The 3 ladies working at the desk were kind of cranky with no personalities, at least not that I could tell. I went through the registration process, and then the very kind and pleasant volunteer lady led me down to hall to the Ultra Sound waiting area. The wait there was pretty short, and boring……(no good reading material)…..and then I was called in for my test.

So it turns out the guy doing the test was the same guy that called me for my appointment……who knew they make their own calls…..We did not get off to a very good start though as he immediately told me how hard I am to get a hold of, and that if I hadn’t answered today they would not have called me back. Well I told him that calling my home phone during the day when I am at work would make it difficult to get a hold of me and  I asked him why he didn’t call my cell phone since I always have that on me. He told me he didn’t have that number, to which I had to reply that they had it on all of my papers from emergency and the ladies at the front desk had it and that would be the number to call during the day as I work…….anyway, I was only a little bit annoyed at his attitude about getting a hold of me……not that you can tell. Before starting the test he told me once he began I couldn’t talk……(I think he was just politely telling me to shut up)…….but then he started a conversation that I kind of felt I should contribute to but I didn’t dare say anything because he told me not to talk. I felt like I was at the dentist, they always ask you questions right after they tell you to open your mouth and start poking around in there.

After the test I was walked back out to reception by the same very sweet volunteer lady that showed me to Ultra Sound in the first place. To my husband I referred to her as the Wal-Mart greeter lady. She was actually the most pleasant person I came in to contact with in the hospital today, other than my husband who was also very pleasant….. 🙂 . The lady who gave us change so we could pay for parking wasn’t necessarily cranky, or unpleasant, but she had no sense of humour and no personality. Lighten up folks, most of the people you are dealing with are probably not at their best or they wouldn’t be in the hospital and need your services in the first place.

Trip to the hospital over, home to make dinner…..meatloaf!!! Yummmm!!!

After dinner, I walked the dogs and then finally, time to relax again…..

Day 1 was interesting to say the least…….let’s see what day 2 will bring…….


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  1. Elizabeth Hughes

    Isn’t it interesting that people working in the Hospital are not Hospitable except for the volunteer!! I was told when I worked in the Hospital that was the thing they liked.. I was called smily 🙂
    Take Care hope day 2 is brighter!! Just like you!!!

    • Thanks Elizabeth!! I just thought it was funny that the lady NOT getting paid to do her job was a happier person than the ones getting paid…..and I assume paid pretty well for what they do…..

      Have a great day!! 😀


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