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Day 2 of Vacation……

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The day started off with the regular routine……up early to walk the pups……girls out of the house by 8:30am…….actually, only Shana up and out……Erika is sick with a cold……no voice, snotty nose and sore throat…….nice. She was supposed to have a cross country race for school today but she wasn’t really race material this morning, so I “made” her stay home……no point in making everyone else sick.

Today is our Provincial election so my husband and I did our civic duty and voted….of course for whatever reason we were not on the voters list so we had to fill out the forms and show proof of our address, and then we could vote.

After lunch we “cleaned up” the back yard so we could cut the grass for what will likely be the final time this year. Cleaning up the backyard is not my favourite thing to do with two dogs…….if you know what I mean. I have been neglecting it for the last couple of weeks but now it’s all good again. 🙂 (Good enough for them to start all over.)

The rest of the day was totally uneventful…….we are such boring people. 🙂

My husband cooked dinner….yet again. He has been trying to remember how his mom made her maccaroni and cheese because he has had a hankering (I love that word) for it lately. After 3 failed attempts (I was afraid he might give up) he thinks he got it right tonight. It doesn’t matter to me if what we had for dinner tonight was like his mom’s mac and cheese or not…….it was delish.

Now to end day 2 of vacation we are going to sit back with our feet up and watch the Toronto Maple Leafs season opener against the Montreal Canadiens……GO LEAFS!!!


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