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Day 3 of Vacation……..

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Oh no!! Last day of vacation for this week!! Thank goodness I still have a few days next week too!

We actually slept in this morning….I didn’t get up until 6:30am, and Chris slept until 7:30am, when I got back from walking the dogs…….Emma pouncing on him may have had something to do with him waking up at that time. I definitely need to stick to walking the dogs at 6:00am, any later and there is too much life going on out there. This morning we ran into the paving crew getting ready to pave a driveway…….two large dump trucks, 4 pick up trucks and trailers, and a bunch of paving machinery…….nobody’s driveway here is more than 40 feet long……all of this equipment seemed a little unnecessary to me, and an inconvenience by blocking the sidewalk. Once we got past the paving crew, the sidewalk was blocked again, this time with parents and kids waiting for their school bus…..seriously, what time is it? Did I walk super slow this morning or do kids really catch their bus that early?? By the time we got home Erika’s friend was already being dropped off at our house to walk to school with her. It sure is less peaceful out there once the sun comes up and people start their days.

It was spirit day at Erika’s school today so she and her friends went dressed in their school colours…..of course I had to take a picture of them before they left. (She hates when I do that to her, but I do it anyway).

The girls are ready for "Spirit Day" ...... love the leggings.....

Erika and friends. School Spirit!!

Our big outing today was a trip to the grocery store to get what we needed for dinner……or supper depending on what you know it as. 🙂 While I was out I got a message from work (yes I am on vacation)…….my boss was taking everyone out for Fish and Chips for lunch at a place he said has “the best fish and chips in town”. What? Of course he would do that today, when I’m not there……we were supposed to go last Friday (when I was at work), but something came up and we weren’t able to go, so he picks this Friday while I’m off?…….nice. 😦 They invited me to meet them there, since it’s pretty close to my house but I declined the offer. Then to add insult to injury, my boss sent me an email that said to look out my front window……he said they were driving by my house with a car full of fish and chips. Such sweet people I work with, they didn’t even drop any off for me. 😦

The rest of the day was lazy…..and spent making homemade pizza for dinner. Thank you to my friend Sharon for the best pizza crust recipe ever. My family loves my homemade pizza, and I really don’t make it often enough. Dinner was absolutely delicious.

Homemade Pizza for Dinner......yumm!!

After dinner I took the dogs out for a long hot walk……the temperature was still in the mid 20’s……..then I made myself comfy on the couch to watch whatever my husband was watching on TV and called it a day.

So far my vacation has been going great…..warm hot temperatures, relaxation, no set schedule, enjoying every minute of it………but it is going way too fast, as vacations generally do.

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