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Sorry puppies……

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I took the dogs for a walk tonight…..but I might have over-walked them.

I generally walk them around the “big block” which is approximately 2km. If I am feeling extra ambitious I walk it again but in the opposite direction just to shake things up a bit. 🙂 That makes it a 4 km walk altogether which takes me about an hour more or less……depending on the number of pit stops and distractions along the way.

Tonight my husband decided he would go for part of the walk too. We walked most of the big block but took a detour through the trails, it didn’t really cut that much off the walk, but we parted ways at the park and he walked home and the dogs and I kept going. We were almost finished once around when Erika met up with us to do a warm up walk before she went running (she’s training herself for Cross Country). Well she and I got talking so we just kept on walking……..I probably did closer to 6 km tonight than 4 km thanks to Chris and Erika.

Ever since we got home the pups have done nothing but lay sprawled out on the floor (except when Chris had popcorn….they showed a little life then).

All I can say is, “Sorry puppies, didn’t mean to wear you out, but please sleep tonight.”


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