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Happy Birthday Nick…….

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Today is my son Nick’s 20th Birthday!!

Nick's 19th Birthday

I remember very vividly the day Nick was born (even though it was a long 20 years ago). It was Thanksgiving Sunday and we were getting the kids ready for Church when I realized that Nick was trying to make his entrance into the world. I called my Mom to come get the older two kids and take them to church with her while we headed to the hospital. For some reason I also remember asking her not to tell anyone where we were……as if no one would be able to figure that out…..I was 9 months pregnant and didn’t make it to Church, but my mom had my kids with her…….no one would draw the conclusion that I was having my baby!!

We lived an hour from the hospital, and my previous labours were pretty quick so I wasn’t sure how much time I might have and I didn’t want to have a “car baby”, so all the way to the hospital I kept “strongly” suggesting that we drive faster. We were exceeding the speed limit as it was.

When we got to the hospital the contractions that were 5 minutes apart on the drive there were now every 15 to 20 minutes apart. After a while the nurses were suggesting that they were going to send me home since it didn’t seem likely that I was having a baby any time soon. I told them they could send me away if they wanted to but I wasn’t going any farther than the lobby…..I wasn’t going through that hour-long drive again. I guess because I was being “so unreasonable” my doctor decided to step in and calm the crazy pregnant lady and “let me stay”.

Shortly after that things got going and by supper time I was holding my 9 pound 8 ounce baby boy. He was a biggie. I called to let my parents know that their 5th grandchild had just been born. They were at my sister’s house enjoying a turkey dinner while all I was going to get was hospital food.

It’s hard to believe that 20 years has passed since my crying, red-faced baby boy came into this world. Everyday since has been an adventure with him to say the least.

Nick's hospital picture....lips puckered because I pulled his soother out just before they snapped the picture......he was a soother baby right from the beginning.

Happy Birthday Nick!!

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