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The little dog adventure……

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Yesterday morning I was sitting at my desk….working hard as usual…..when Erika called me from her friend’s cell phone. My immediate thought whenever Erika calls is, “What did she forget to take to school?”, and because she was using her friend’s phone I assumed she forgot her phone.

Well it was 8:15am and school goes in at 8:30am, she should probably have been at school already, but she wasn’t.

This is what I got from her;

“Hey Mom, so Skylar and I were just walking to school like we always do, just minding our own business when we saw a dog just standing in the middle of the road. It looked lost so we just called the Humane Society to come get it. They told us we have to stay with the dog until somebody comes to get it.” I asked her if she mentioned to them that they were on their way to school and might not be able to stay there that long….not sure if you try to explain to your teacher the reason you were late is because you found a lost dog and had to stay with it until the Humane Society could come get it, that you teacher would believe your story. It probably ranks right up there with, “The dog ate my homework.” While I was talking to her on her friend’s phone, her own phone rang and I listened in on that conversation that went like this: “Hi, yes we are on Doyle, ummmm, right next to…..oh that’s you there? Yes we have your dog. Ok yes I can see you, ok, no problem.” Then I got; “Bye Mommy, they are here now.” And she was off to school. 

Poor lost little pup....probably more scared of the girls than of being lost. 🙂

She was actually pretty excited about her little morning adventure, and I’m glad she and her friend decided that finding the little dogs people was more important than getting to school on time…..she actually did get to school on time. And I’m glad that the little dog was reunited with its family. 🙂

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