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Friday afternoon my son Nick arrived for the weekend. He’s only been gone for two weeks but it was nice to have a little visit with him. We didn’t actually see him that much since he wanted to spend time with his friends as well.  I did however manage to get him to the park for some fall pics….a weekend later than the rest of the kids, but better late than never.

Saturday was a day of mostly relaxation with a little bit of baking thrown in. Accidental baking, my husband said he felt like baking something…..he meant he felt like eating something baked, not that he wanted to do the baking……so cinnamon rolls it was, and then we made homemade pizza together for dinner. My husband found it necessary to take pictures of me baking……possibly because it doesn’t happen very often.

The baked goods….

Sunday was a day of sports…..not sports any of our kids were playing…….other people’s kids sports. Erika’s old hockey team was playing their home opener so we decided there wasn’t anything better to do on a wet rainy Sunday morning than to go watch Midget A girls hockey. Do I miss hockey? I miss watching Erika play hockey but I don’t miss being at the rink an hour before game time and standing around the rink after the game waiting for Erika to come out of the dressing room….she was always one of the last one’s out, I think she was afraid she would miss something if she was the first one out.

Erika sitting with Momma Sid, watching her old team-mates.

After the hockey game (which ended in a 1-1 tie) we came home long enough to change into winter clothes to go watch University Women’s Soccer. Erika’s soccer coach invited her and a couple of team mates to watch the game between York and Guelph University and to speak with the York coach after the game. It was a cold wet game…typical soccer weather…….but a fun game to watch. The game ended in a 0-0 tie, so no goals to cheer.

Watching the game

Our little group of fans

After the freezing cold game we came home to warm up and then took Nick to the bus station so he could catch his bus back home.

It was a very enjoyable weekend despite the cold wet rain, but family and sports (and baked goods) are some of my favorite things so that made it a great weekend. 🙂

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