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Happy Birthday Shana……

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Today is my daughter Shana’s Birthday!!

Shana's 22nd Birthday......she is not 211 years old. 😉

Twenty three years ago today was the arrival of my first baby girl. I remember when I finally realized what was going on it was just past midnight……(my labour was induced for my first baby so I didn’t recognize labour right away with my second). I decided we should go to the hospital just to make sure I was right since it was only a week until my due date. Once I got all checked in and settled I remember asking for an epidural but they told me there wasn’t time for that……just my luck. 🙂  After a couple of more hours of labour my baby girl made her appearance.

Instead of a little bundle of pink baby I had a little bundle of purple baby……all 8 pounds 4 ounces of purple baby. I can remember asking the nurses what was wrong with her because I couldn’t remember my son being that colour when he was born and they assured me that she was just bruised from the delivery. It didn’t make any sense to me but I figured they knew more than I did……but it wasn’t bruising.

I referred to Shana as my “monster baby” because she was in the neo-natal unit with all the preemie baby’s and by comparison she was a monster in size. She had a steady stream of doctors checking her over the whole time we were in the hospital and one eventually told me why……my daughter was born with Klippel Trenaunay Weber Syndrome…….What the heck?……I had no idea what that was and didn’t have the access to the internet that I have today to find out what was involved in this syndrome, so all I had to go on was what little information I got from her many doctors…..which wasn’t much, but it did explain her colour…….purple birth marks from head to toe…….literally, and apparently it is a very rare syndrome.

Other than throwing up everything she ate for her first year of life… the point that she didn’t wear bibs, she wore receiving blankets and no one would pick her up right after she ate for fear of wearing whatever she just ate……poor baby, and many doctor appointments with many specialists, life was pretty normal with Shana.

Years after her birth I was able to better research her syndrome and I believe she has a fairly mild case compared to some who have this. When she was born I was told she may not ever walk, she would probably need extensive surgery’s and she would have eye problems……well she walks just fine, maybe just a little lopsided, she has needed no surgery’s and her eyes are fine. There are some aspects of the condition that do bother her today but nothing that really interferes with her every day life. Despite her condition Shana is a very happy (most of the time) healthy young lady and I thank God for that.

Shana's hospital purple baby.

Happy Birthday Shana!!!!

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