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I’m a little disappointed that I missed Erika’s race yesterday. Her school ran as a team in the Senior girls cross-country race for CWOSSA. I watched her run CWOSSA in grade 9 and grade 10 , but I missed her grade 11 race. I guess sometimes there are things you just can’t get out of at work to go watch a race….. 😦

If you don’t understand how qualifying for OFSAA in cross-country racing works (and I say that because my husband and I had trouble understanding how it worked the first year Erika ran in High School), you run as a team (of 4) or as an individual if there are not enough runners from your school in your age group. The top 3 individual runners move on to OFSAA and the top 2 teams move on. For example, if you finished in 4th place but one of the top three finishers belonged to a team that finished as 1st or 2nd then you would be bumped up as an individual to 3rd place. As a team member you could qualify for OFSAA even if you personally finished in 146th place but if you ran as an individual and finished in 4th place you don’t move on…..weird way to do it but there it is.

In grade 9, Erika was the only cross-country runner in the Midget age group from her school so she ran as an individual and finished in 4th place, missing the opportunity to go to OFSAA by one spot because the top 3 finishers were all individual runners.

Grade 9 CWOSSA....Off to a good start

Approaching the finish line....4th place

Coming through the shute.....not so pleased with her results.

In grade 10 Erika ran as an individual again and finished in 5th place, but one of the top three runners belonged to a team so 4th place moved up to 3rd place and Erika moved to 4th so she missed qualifying for OFSAA again by one spot.

Grade 10 CWOSSA......start

Crossing the finish line.

This year in grade 11 Erika got to run as part of a team and they finished as a team in third place…..again missing the opportunity to move on to OFSAA by one spot.

Team Mate crossing the finish line.....Erika is seconds behind.

Crossing the finish line....20th place.

All in all Erika had a great race and should be very proud of herself, she finished the 5000 meter race in 20th place out of 182 grade 11 and 12 girls with a time of 20:46:25. Erika’s already looking forward to next years Cross Country season!!


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