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Trick or Treating……

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It is all over for another year.

I needed to get the dogs walked after work before the streets filled up with all the little trick or treaters. On the walk I took a couple of pictures of decorated houses. We did a quick walk and by the time we got home my husband had already treated a couple of spooks.

One of the decorated houses in my neighborhood.

Another decorated house.

The front of our house.

But once again…..where are all the kiddos? I expected more. We handed out candy between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm and only had about 35 kids come to our door  for treats…..we had enough candy for about 135 kids. Are there fewer kids dressing up and going out or do we just live in a kid free zone? Our city does Trick or Treat in the mall so is that where all the kids are? I’m not sure.

As an adult with children, Halloween has never been my favourite event of the year…..I have never been a fan of rushing home from work and helping the kids get into their costumes……which I had to try to come up with…….and walking them up and down the streets getting candy from strangers in the freezing cold, or rain or snow. I know I sound bitter about it but I am glad my kids are all past the trick or treating stage. No more costume making for me.

Erika's cowgirl costume for school.

Now that my youngest child is a teenager, her idea of a fun Halloween evening is going through the Haunted House. She and her friend did that tonight and in her own words…. “That house was so scary, I think I might have peed myself.”  She then proceeded to tell us just how creepy and horrifying the house was. She may not sleep tonight. 🙂

Our neighbors jack-o'-lanterns.

My husband and I were discussing tonight how different trick or treating is now from when we were kids. He grew up in the city and I grew up in the country. When he was a kid he and his friends went trick or treating all over the city, up one street and down the next, running all over the place……with no parental escort. They drove to relatives and trick or treated in their neighborhood while the parents visited. It was all about how much candy they could get. When I was a kid my mom drove us from house to house in our homemade costumes that she went to great lengths to put together for us. She would stay in the car while we kids climbed out and went inside our “neighbours” homes while they tried to guess who we were (everyone knew everyone), then we would get our treat and drive on to the next house. We always stopped at my grandparents and my Nan always had special bags of goodies put together just for the grandkids. The last stop of the night was always at Hartley and Bessie’s. They would give us home-made fudge or some other very special treat and my mom always came in with us so she could have a visit with them……that’s how I remember Halloween as a kid. It’s a different trick or treat experience for kids today.


Our fake pumpkin.

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  1. too young to remember trick or treating when I was your neighbor. I’m sure your mom had great treats though!


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