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Winter……not yet…….

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I know some of you have had snow already this fall, but we haven’t yet, so while these pictures are definitely all about snow they are from the past.

I was looking through some old pictures tonight and came across these from some time ago….

When Erika was 10 years old….a lifetime ago, or so it seems……her rep soccer team had a “team bonding” sliding party. It was probably the most frigid stormy day of the entire winter that year. It’s a wonder all the kids didn’t end up with frost bite, even though they were bundled from head to toe.

All you can see are her eyes

Making their way up the hill

The girls gathered at the top of the hill

Ready to slide down

Here she comes.....hang on

Sliding on her head.....out of control

Couldn't have been too bad....she's willing to go again 🙂

The girls actually had a blast on the hill despite the freezing temperature and ended their outing with hot chocolate and snacks at a nearby restaurant.

This is just my own humble opinion but I think soccer team bonding should take place in warmer weather……just by looking at these pictures I can recall how cold I was that day……the things we do for our kids. 🙂

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