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Yes I used the word “diggs”… I moved into my new office!! 🙂

I was promoted to my current job 5 years ago but it was after the office renovations were completed. All there was to offer me as an office was a tiny space that was never meant to be an office. I affectionately referred to my space as the broom closet (before the renovations it was the supply room). I had a couple of desks, that did not fit together and did not really fit very well into the “closet space”. I had my computer, which was new just like everyone else’s, but I also got two more computers jammed into my little space that held 2 other programs that other staff members had to access from time to time as well. Needless to say my cozy little office was bursting at the seams, but I managed to work out of that space for 5 years and never rarely hardly ever sometimes complained about it and asked for a new space. 🙂

This week my manager showed me an email she received from her manager to tell me I could move into the vacant office. An office with WINDOWS!! Life is all about the little things….you have no idea how excited I have been since seeing that email!! I feel like I just got another promotion…..I didn’t, but having a “real office”, one with windows, is just about as good. 🙂

The only condition….so far… that I had to move out the files and supplies that were still in the office and move my files and belongings in, so today…..Saturday……I got my husband to help me and we did the office switch. It wasn’t easy because I’m not a very organized person, but we finally got it switched and I said “farewell” to my beloved broom closet and “hello” to my fresh new office space. I can’t wait for Monday to enjoy my new Diggs…..thats right I said “diggs”. This just may be the first time in a long time I have been looking forward to a Monday. 🙂

My old office space….I had it configured slightly different than this and there is now more filing cabinets stored in it.

My new office space …..Notice the windows?

See why I’m so happy?

My manager tied a string to my new office doorknob just as a reminder that the new space comes with strings attached….I’m just waiting to hear what they are……but whatever they are……I don’t care, I just love my new space! 🙂


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