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We had a conversation at work the other day about things people are scared of. Not the fear of something bad happening to yourself or someone you love but the fear of “little creatures”. The type of fear that will make you run away in terror or make you scream and prevent you from moving when you see or hear one of these creatures.

The usual suspects were brought up……one person mentioned how the sight of a bee, hornet or wasp will cause her to take off running like a maniac to get away from it. Another person mentioned a fear of snakes. Mice were brought up as a terrifying creature. There was even mention of a fear of fish….yup fish….the fear of being bitten by a fish while swimming. I actually think that one is kind of cute. 🙂

Would you run away from this cute little bee?

This snake looks harmless....and wouldn't eat your puppy.

Nothing to fear from this little guy.

Would this little fishy bite you? I don't think so.

So this conversation started me thinking about what I am scared of as far as creatures go and I couldn’t think of anything at the time. I must have a fear of some creature….other than skunks, and my only fear of skunks is getting sprayed and never getting rid of the smell.

I obviously don’t like spiders or snakes, I am not a fan of bees and mice, but I’m more likely to shoo them away from me and not run away from them.

I gave it some thought and realized that I do have a fear of a tiny creature…….RED ANTS…..To me red ants are the worst little creature I have ever come up against. Don’t let their size fool you, they are bigger than they look……at least their bite is. The sight of a red ant will at first paralyze me and once I get my wits about me, I will run as far away as I can.

I was a bit of a tom-boy as a kid and played with all kinds of bugs including ants but only the black ones. So where did this ridiculous fear come from? My first encounter with these horrible red ant creatures was a very long time ago but I have never forgotten it. I obviously had it pushed to the back of my mind but now that I have thought about it I remember it very clearly. My mom wanted me to go with her to pick some blueberries, I loved blueberries so I was happy to go along. I don’t remember exactly how old I was but I was definitely a pre-teen so of course I knew more than my mom did about anything, so when she told me to put socks and sneakers on I figured sandals would do since it was summer time and hot out.

If you’re not familiar with blueberries, they grow in little clusters in very dry ground. Well, red ants are very fond of very dry ground too so picking blueberries came with a price. The red ants were all over my feet in minutes, biting me as if they were angry that I was stepping all over them. If you have never been bitten by a red ant you would not understand the excruciating pain a bite by one of these tiny little insects can cause. I am pretty sure I took off for home very quickly……I might have even cried a little, and ever since that time I have avoided any contact with anything that even remotely resembles a red ant. To this day I am very careful about the ground I am walking on while wearing flip-flops or sandals just in case there might be a red ants nest nearby and they decide to come get me.

This little guy may not look vicious but a real red ant......most vicious creature ever.

Fears are generally thought of as totally irrational by someone who doesn’t share the same fear, but to the individual with the fear……there is nothing irrational about it.

What are you scared of? Drop me a comment and tell me about your irrational fear.


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  1. My biggest fear (critter-wise) is birds. I have been chased by swans, pecked by chickens and bit by ducks. I have a really hard time taking Reagan to the duck pond and I have to stay far away from them while there. My husband’s mother has the most unique fear. She is genuinely afraid of butterflies. She thinks that their long mouth is used for sucking blood and not pollen. Totally irrational but still fun to watch a grown woman run from a harmless butterfly.


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