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Too early to decorate?…….

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While walking the dogs this morning I noticed a couple of houses have their Christmas trees up already…….decorated and lights turned on.

Do you think this is too early? I don’t even have my outside lights up yet! I never think of decorating or playing Christmas music before December 1st….although last year I did get my tree upon November 30th….but close enough.

I’ve been decorating my own family Christmas tree for 26 years….this years will be 27. For some reason it has always been me that trims the tree, including stringing the lights on. The kids will put on their own special ornaments after I have placed everything else. We have had a few “ornament clusters” over the years……you know what I mean, where the kids hang all of the ornaments on one branch (sorry kids but I have always moved them around after you have gone to bed).

Is your tree a “themed” tree…..where everything matches and you would see it in a fashion magazine?…..or is it a “chaos” tree? Mine have always been chaos trees…..where there is really no rhyme nor reason to whats on it and every ornament I have ever bought, been given, or the kids have made has gone on the tree. I can’t imagine leaving any of them out.

These are a few of the trees my family has had over the years……odd shaped, real and fake:

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