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A Windy, Damp, but Warm Walk…..

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It is November 20th and I am still walking the dogs in my spring jacket because it is so warm out……it was 12 degrees this morning.

Christmas is only 35 days away……Santa arrives at the Mall today…….and where is the weather that says “It’s here!!”  We have no snow, the lawns are greener than they were all summer, and it’s too warm for winter coats, hats and mittens. I know I will regret saying that as one of these days I will wake up to a blizzard and I will start complaining about shovelling the driveway (if my husband reads this he will ask what I’m complaining about…..he’s the one that shovels the driveway), driving on slippery roads, freezing my butt off walking the dogs, and so on…..but a little bit of the white stuff would be nice.

I decided to take the trails today instead of the sidewalks for the dog walk this morning…..I took some pictures along the way but I just had my cell phone with me so they aren’t great but it sure doesn’t look like Christmas is just around the corner.

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