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Since it is Thanksgiving in the United States I thought I’d take the opportunity to think about what I am thankful for today.

  1. I am thankful that my puppies let me sleep in until 6:00 am this morning before waking me to go for their walk.
  2. I am thankful for a job that I enjoy, especially this time of year when everything is decorated and Christmas songs are playing over the sound system.
  3. I am thankful for great staff, customer service and Santa and Santa Helpers, who know what they’re doing so I don’t have to work late.
  4. I am thankful for my wonderful family to go home to and my wonderful husband who cooked dinner tonight and many other nights so I can walk the dogs early.
  5. I am thankful that we didn’t get the same snowstorm my friends and family in New Brunswick got…..although a little snow would have been ok.
  6. I am thankful for Meredith’s dad who offered to take Erika to soccer practice tonight and last night so I can stay home and relax with my husband.
  7. I am thankful for my snuggly, cuddly puppies.
  8. I am thankful that Erika does not have another roller coaster project due any time soon.
  9. I am thankful for Shana having her own car so I don’t have to take her to the mall tonight.
  10. I am thankful for my comfy couch to relax on while using my lap top to entertain myself until time to go to bed for what I am hoping is going to be a good night’s sleep.

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