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Happy Birthday to Me…..

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Tomorrow is my birthday…..I will be 49. It’s the birthday just before the big one, you know the big 5-0……That’s right, I’ve been around for nearly half a century. Boy has time passed quickly.

My husband asked me this morning how old I’m going to be…..He does know he was just verifying. It’s not nice to make someone older than they actually are……but he did say, “Wow are you really that old already?” I’m pretty sure what he meant by that was…. “It just seems like yesterday when we met and you were just a young thing of 37 then, how could these years have slipped by so quickly?”….. hahahaha.

I remember when I thought 50 year olds were OLD…..they seem so much younger now.

I think you are only as old as you feel…… so, some days I’m 25 and other days I’m 65, or 75 or maybe even 85…..but today I’m only 48…..since my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, and then I will only be 49. 🙂

Opening birthday presents from my family last year (48)


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