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Real or Artificial?……

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I have an artificial Christmas tree…..something I thought I would never have.

Up until Christmas of 2006 I have always had a “real” Christmas tree and I felt sorry for people who had artificial trees because they couldn’t enjoy the wonderful “Christmas Tree” smell everyday.

When I lived in New Brunswick it was always an adventure to go looking for the Christmas Tree. Sometimes we would walk out back cut one down and try to get it home without damaging it. If there was enough snow we would take the snowmobile out back, pick out the perfect tree and drag it home in the snow. Sometimes we would go to a tree lot and pick a tree, pay for it and strap it on to the roof of the car and try to get it home without losing it off the car.

After moving to Ontario there were no more trips out back to get the tree, it was a matter of finding a lot and picking out what would be the perfect tree. We got our tree from a different place every year. After a few years of inspecting trees trying to decide what size and shape we wanted, my husband and I decided to buy our trees on faith……pick one out that was still wrapped and hope it had a good side to it. Thus many odd shaped Charlie Brown “real” trees.

Having a real tree is actually a lot of work. We would stand it in the garage for a few days to let the snow melt off it and then have to saw the trunk off and try to make it fit into the tree stand (no matter what kind of tree stand we had the tree never stood secure in it). Then we would have to bring it in to the house, fill the stand with water (which needed to be checked and filled everyday) and let it stand in the warmth to allow the branches to “drop” before we could decorate it. By the time the tree was in place there was a pile of needles that needed to be vacuumed up…..and everyday after that as the needles dropped off. By the time the tree came down, there was another pile of needles to try to get out of the carpet, not to mention that the price of a 7 foot Christmas had gotten ridiculous.

So, in 2006 we made the decision to go artificial. I wasn’t sure how much I would like it but I have to say, putting up the tree has gotten a lot easier since our purchase, and it has paid for itself twice over. So the whole idea of an artificial tree has grown on me and I’m not sure I would go back to real.

I was talking to my mom on Friday, (it was her birthday call) and mentioned that I was putting up our tree on the weekend, and she asked if it was a real one this year (despite all the work involved my mom still puts up a real tree)…..For one moment I did regret that I didn’t have a real tree but I got over it quick enough. 🙂

Last year for a real tree.....2005

First year for the artificial tree.....2006

I guess I would have to say that I miss the smell of the real tree but not the work involved. So what do you put up in your house?…….Real or artificial?


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