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Happy Anniversary…..

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Today is my 11th Wedding Anniversary!!! 🙂

Our Wedding Day

My husband and I met in an on-line chat room 12 years ago. The story of the long distance relationship is a little corny, but it is what it is. We both talked to people regularly in this particular chat room, in fact we still consider some people from there our friends, one very sweet lady in particular…..Carol.

Chris and I started talking to each other, he was from Ontario and I was from New Brunswick, and he told me he had recently been to N.B. because his head office was located there. That little piece of information gave us a sort of connection…..look how much we have in common……I live in New Brunswick and he has been to New Brunswick. definitely the beginnings of a solid relationship. 🙂 After talking on-line for several weeks we started talking on the phone (thank goodness for his phone plan at the time). How did we go from chatting to phoning?……A movie date! So how do you watch a movie together when you are about 1800 km apart? Simple… the same movie…..Message in a Bottle was the movie choice, obviously my choice not his. :)……sync the start time and watch it at the same time, thus watching the movie together. Now there is a problem……my computer and my TV were no where near each other, how could I possibly chat and watch the movie at the same time? Chris’ solution……give him my phone number and he would call me and we could talk on the phone while watching the movie. PANIC!!! Give him my phone number? It was one thing to chat to this guy on the computer but to give him my phone number……what if he was actually a crazy wacko. Well the warning light went off again almost as quick as it came on and I gave him my phone number (I decided if he was a crazy I could always change my number and after all he was 2 whole provinces away, what was the worst thing that could happen?)

Well he did call me and we started our movies at the exact same time and we talked so much that neither one of us actually paid any attention to the movie (that didn’t matter to him, he wasn’t interested in a Kevin Costner movie anyway). It’s a good thing we weren’t in a theatre watching it, people would have been shushing us. And that’s how the phone calls began, after that we spoke on the phone everyday. Chris would call me after 6:00pm and we would talk until morning when he had to get ready for work and I had to get the kids up and off to school. I was working at home at the time babysitting so I got to nap when the babies napped, poor Chris didn’t have that same opportunity…..or did he take some naps at work?

This is us.....long distance relationship. 🙂

Over the next few months we visited back and forth, I came here a couple of times, he flew to N.B. a couple of times. We took a trip to P.E.I. where he asked me to marry him, and in July of 2000 my kids and I moved to Ontario and on December 30, 2000 Chris and I got married and it has been the best 11 years of my life.

Now we sit in the same room or theatre to watch movies, and much to Chris’ dismay….I still talk during movies. 🙂

11 years later.....looking older but still happy. 🙂

Happy Anniversary Chris!!! I love you always and forever!!

(What should we do to celebrate?…rent a movie and watch it together?)

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  1. wow what a story but i think i knew most of it !!!! hahahaha miss u guys

  2. Great story guys! As much as we deal with each othe on FB…I still have not met you in person! Looking forward to that someday! Since myou ghuys went to PEI together, why not Nova Scotia??

  3. Happy anniversary!! great love story…


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